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CBDistillery® Full Spectrum CBD Softgels contain 30 mg of hemp-derived CBD in a smooth gelatin shell. Our CBD Softgels are available in 5, 30, or 60 counts.

Capsules and softgels are one of the most convenient and portable methods of getting your daily CBD. The work of finding a proper dosage is already done for you, so there’s no mixing or prepping involved. Softgels can be easily transported so you can take your CBD with you wherever you go.

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Δ9 -THC which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/products/food.

  • Less Than 0.3% THC
  • Convenient, Portable, and Discreet
  • Pre-Measured 30mg CBD Serving Size Per Softgel
  • Educational Packaging
  • Third-Party Lab-Tested
  • U.S. Hemp Authority Certified

A 2019 customer survey with 1,900 respondents conducted by CBDistillery® showed:

  • 88% of CBD users say CBD helps with mild or temporary anxiety
  • 89% of CBD users day CBD helps calm their mind
  • 89% of CBD users say CBD helps you get better sleep
  • 84% of CBD users say CBD helps with pain after physical activity

5 Pack of 5 Count Full Spectrum CBD Softgels - 30mg

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT – Medium Chain Triglyceride), Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts), Gelatin (Gelatin Capsules)

Suggested Use: Pop and go! Simply take with water and swallow as you would with any other supplement.


Cannabidiol (CBD) Per Pack


CBD per softgel

Choose CBD You Can Trust

At CBDistillery®, we're dedicated to providing customers with honestly labeled, high quality hemp-derived CBD products - without any gimmicks. We share third-party tested lab results and oversee every process from seed to shelf. Honest, trusted, and established, CBDistillery® remains America's #1 value brand and leader of the #CBDMOVEMENT®.

What are CBD trial packs?

CBD trial packs allow anyone interested in the health and wellness potential of hemp-derived CBD the opportunity to sample a selection of products without committing to a 30 or 60-count bottle. Since each of our four trial packs contains five servings of full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, investing in trial packs could be the best way to determine which option is right for you.

The only way to know how your body might respond to hemp-derived CBD is to try it. After trying CBD, the only way to know if you prefer one product type over another is to compare them. Our CBD trial packs give you a commitment-free option to figure out which of several high-quality products you prefer. Once you've determined which products best suit your needs, you may even decide to keep a supply of trial packs on hand. CBD trial packs are easy to slip into a bag or briefcase, travel well, and are a great way to share your enthusiasm for CBDistillery® products with friends and family members who might be curious about CBD but hesitant to make that first purchase.

CBDistillery® Trial packs are convenient, discrete, portable, and reasonably priced. We've ensured that convenience by selecting products that deliver a consistent, pre-measured serving of CBD in an amount that works well for most people, 30mg. Each of the following four trial packs gives you five servings of naturally cultivated hemp-derived CBD.

CBDistillery® Broad-Spectrum CBD Anytime Gummies are a delicious way to treat yourself to the health and wellness potential of CBD. Our CBD Anytime Gummies are naturally flavored, vegan, kosher, and third-party tested to ensure non-detectable traces of THC*. Each sachet delivers an assortment of tropical fruit flavors.

CBDistillery® Broad Spectrum CBD Sleep Gummies are specifically formulated to help you get the rest you deserve. Each delicious berry flavored supplement delivers 30 mg of CBD and 2mg of melatonin, a safe, natural sleep supplement. Like our daytime gummies, CBDistillery® sleep gummies are vegan and kosher.

CBDistillery® softgels are most often favored by CBD users who value convenience and portability. We've done the measuring for you. Our concentrated, full-spectrum softgels deliver the same therapeutic potential as our full-spectrum tinctures in a smooth gelatin shell that's easy to swallow.

Broad-spectrum CBD capsules offer the same level of portability and convenience delivered by our full-spectrum softgels, without the same trace levels of THC. The flavorless gelatin coating dissolves quickly and begins delivering your CBD to receptors throughout your body within minutes of reaching your stomach.

Many CBD users find full-spectrum and broad-spectrum softgels more potent than capsules made with pure CBD isolate. That's not too surprising. Many chemicals, compounds, and active plant elements deliver stronger effects when combined than individual components contribute on their own. That's an effect known as synergy.

While the concept of synergy also applies to the plant elements in industrial hemp extract, the reason CBD users tend to gravitate towards full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products is because of a lesser-known phenomenon unique to cannabis called the entourage effect, a theory used to explain how the combined effects of the plant's additional cannabinoids and terpenes combine to multiply the effects of each plant element.1 While both trial pack softgels deliver an entourage effect, knowing the differences between them could help you decide which option you prefer.

Full-spectrum softgels deliver all the additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in the same ratios as the original plant source. That means full-spectrum capsules contain trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the cannabinoid that causes the type of intoxication marijuana is known for. Although those trace amounts of THC in full-plant extractions won't cause intoxication, the cannabinoid does contribute to the potency of the entourage effect credited to full-spectrum products.

Broad-spectrum softgels are made with plant extracts that contain many of the same additional cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes as full-spectrum products, but with one significant difference. The trace levels of THC are removed during extraction and processing. That would make our Broad-Spectrum Trial and Travel Pack your best option if you're looking for a 0% THC* option, but still interested in the entourage effect of full-spectrum CBD capsules.

CBD Gummies are a fun and flavorful way to add the health and wellness potential of CBD to your daily routine. Since each sweet treat is made with broad-spectrum CBD, you'll be able to experience the benefit-multiplying potential of the entourage effect in a 0% THC** CBD product made without questionable preservatives, artificial colors, or chemical flavoring agents. Our delicious gummies are naturally flavored and have a light sugar coating.

Many CBD companies offer hemp-derived gummies that are significantly less potent than ours. If your CBD gummies deliver less CBD than you require, you'll need multiple pieces to get the effect you might be looking for. That creates an unfortunate situation that would increase your cost of daily use. With an amount of CBD that impresses most gummy enthusiasts, CBDistillery® Gummy Trial and Travel Packs give you the option of two distinctly different products to sample.

**Third-party tested to ensure non-detectable levels of THC (less than .01%)

CBDistillery® Anytime Gummies can be used whenever you like, day or night. When you choose our Trial and Travel Anytime CBD Gummies, you'll never have to worry about shaking a bottle or calculating a serving size in the middle of a busy day. Our naturally flavored, vegan, kosher CBD gummies can be used daily, as needed, or to complement the effects of any other CBD products you're currently using. Each of the 5 gummies in our trial sachets are bursting with tropical flavor.

While you could try using an Anytime Gummy for its potential to calm your mind and soothe your body, CBDistillery® Sleep Gummies are specifically formulated for nighttime use. The melatonin in each berry-flavored piece helps signal your body that it's time for sleep as the CBD influences the receptors that regulate your sleep cycles. Although CBD and melatonin are recognized individually for their potential to promote restful sleep, many satisfied CBD users say they work even better together.

Why Trust CBDistillery®?

The quality, purity, and potency of the CBD capsules and gummies you select will have a significant impact on your overall experience. Since far too many companies sell questionable products, many with too little CBD to be of any value, it's important to purchase your CBD from a reputable manufacturer like CBDistillery®.

CBDistillery® is a vertically integrated company, a distinction that means we have full control over every aspect of production, from seed selection to the distribution of our products. We established our position as a respected leader in the CBD industry by being one of the first (if not the first) companies to post our third-party test results on product pages, and one of the first companies to gain US Hemp Authority® certification.

At CBDistillery®, we're committed to providing reasonably priced, high-quality CBD. High-quality hemp-derived CBD products require pure, potent industrial hemp extracts. Since industrial hemp has a remarkable ability to draw impurities from the soil as it grows,3 our non-GMO seeds are sown in soil tested for chemical exposure and heavy metal contamination before planting. We use only food-safe extraction methods and ensure the purity and potency of every product we offer through non-biased third-party testing by an independent, cannabis accredited lab. You can verify the quality, purity, and potency of our products by viewing the third-party test results on product pages or scanning the QR code on your CBDistillery® product labels.

*Third-party tested to ensure non-detectable levels of THC (less than .01%)

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