Throughout the ages, herbalists have supported the notion that whole plants provide more benefits to our bodies than individual plant components. Since CBD is just one of the many components found in industrial hemp, it makes sense that many CBD users want to use full spectrum products, the products that contain all the health and wellness potential hemp has to offer.

Full spectrum hemp oil contains more than 400 potentially beneficial plant elements. Knowing the significance of full spectrum oil, and how we make CBD products from full spectrum extract, could lead you to the hemp-derived product that’s right for you.

What Is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is extracted from the stalks, stems, and flowers of industrial hemp. It’s the plant extract that contains the cannabinoid CBD. While CBD is found abundantly in hemp oil, the plant extract also contains small amounts of other potentially beneficial plant elements including vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and additional cannabinoids. 

The Cannabinoids in Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

A cannabinoid is a lipid that functions similarly to a neurotransmitter.1 Full spectrum hemp oil contains numerous plant-sourced cannabinoids shown to interact with key receptors throughout your body. Just a few of the many cannabinoids you will find in full spectrum hemp oil include2:

The Entourage Effect of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

While many people are aware of the concept of synergy, far fewer are familiar with the theory of the Entourage Effect. Synergy explains how the active elements in a compound combine to create a greater effect than each element has on its own. In mathematical terms, synergy explains how 1+1=3.

The Entourage Effect explains how the inactive components in cannabis combine to create an effect from elements that are individually inactive, enhancing the effects of synergy. It’s because of the Entourage Effect that full spectrum hemp oil is believed more potent than 0% THC (CBD isolate) products.

Vitamins, Minerals, and Essential Fatty Acids

In addition to the combined potential of numerous cannabinoids, many people prefer full spectrum CBD products for their nutritional value. Hemp-derived CBD contains all the plant terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals found in the original plant, including:

How to Extract Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Before the cannabinoid-rich oils from the hemp plant can be used to make full-spectrum tinctures, capsules, edibles, and topical products, the oil must be separated from the plant matter. Since many products made with hemp extract are ingested, it’s crucial that the oil is extracted using a food-safe extraction method.  The two methods most-often used include:

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Products from CBDistillery™

Full spectrum hemp-derived CBD products contain all the additional cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids found naturally in hemp. While CBD is the most abundant of the cannabinoids in full spectrum extract, the trace amounts of additional cannabinoids, plant terpenes, and flavonoids contribute to the Entourage Effect. It’s the Entourage Effect that explains how the additional elements combine to magnify and multiply the effects of the others.

When selecting a full spectrum product, it’s important to know how the cannabinoid-rich oil was extracted. It’s essential that the extraction method produces a safe, potent, quality product. That’s why we rely on CO2 extraction for our full spectrum CBD products.

For full spectrum CBD tinctures, capsules, softgels, vape pens, and topicals, visit CBDistillery™. Our quality products start with non-GMO hemp seeds grown using natural farming methods. To verify the purity, potency, and cannabinoid content of CBDistillery™ products, click on the third-party test results located within our product images or scan the QR code on your product label. 

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During the early years of your education, you likely learned about the many important processes in your body. You may remember studying fascinating details about your circulatory system, immune system, or nervous system and how these essential systems worked together to keep your body healthy and strong.

Not that long ago, researchers discovered another important system that helps keeps all your other systems functioning harmoniously. They named this essential regulatory system the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Since the Endocannabinoid System was not discovered until the early 1990s, many people are unfamiliar with this vital communication network. Once you know how the Endocannabinoid System works, it’s much easier to understand the significance of hemp-derived CBD.1

What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)? 

The Endocannabinoid System is a communication system comprised of chemical messengers and receptors. The receptors of the Endocannabinoid System are located throughout your body and your brain. This essential communication network controls numerous processes throughout your body, including your memory, mood, appetite, temperature and more. Researchers believe the ECS significantly helps to regulate the processes of homeostasis.2 

What is Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the internal stability and balance that all living organisms need to maintain for survival. When internal processes function outside their appropriate range, it’s the process of homeostasis that directs organs, muscles, and glands to correct the disruption and restore function to acceptable parameters. Homeostatic systems help your body adapt to changes in situation and environment.3 In a state of homeostasis, all internal system function normally.

The Two Cannabinoid Receptors

Your Endocannabinoid System is a network of neurotransmitters and receptors that facilitate communication between your body and your brain. The messengers of this system are called cannabinoids. Your body makes two main cannabinoids, the endocannabinoids anandamide and 2-AG.4

It’s the chemical composition of the message that relays instructions to the endocannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2.5 Both of these receptors are found on the surface of cells throughout your body in varying concentrations, for example:

 How Does Your ECS Work?

The receptors of your Endocannabinoid System are more abundant than any other receptor system in your body. In each organ system and every tissue, your ECS performs a different task, but the goal remains the same: to maintain homeostasis.

The endocannabinoids produced in your body are made as needed and quickly broken down by enzymes. If there are not enough cannabinoids to interact with the cannabinoid receptors, communication breaks down. Fortunately, your Endocannabinoid System also responds to plant-based cannabinoids, particularly the non-intoxicating cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). Here’s what can happen in your body when you consume hemp-derived CBD: 

Can You Be Deficient in Cannabinoids?

Yes, it is quite possible for your body to produce fewer cannabinoids than it needs. Your internal environment is continuously changing. The cannabinoids produced in your body are made as needed and quickly broken down by enzymes. When internal or external conditions create a need for more messengers than your body creates, essential balance is threatened. The symptoms of clinical endocannabinoid deficiency (CECD) can vary depending on the systems affected.8 

How CBD Could Benefit Your Endocannabinoid System

While researchers once believe that endocannabinoid receptors were primarily found in the central nervous system, today, we understand that ECS receptors are dispersed throughout the body. It the communication between the ECS messengers and receptors that can help keep your immune system strong, your memory sharp and your digestive system functioning smoothly. Since your body also responds to the plant-based cannabinoids in hemp oil, there are many ways CBD could benefit your ECS, including:

Supporting Your ECS with Products from CBDistillery™

Your Endocannabinoid System helps regulate nearly every essential function in your body and helps keep critical processes running smoothly. Once you understand how your ECS works, it’s easy to understand the health and wellness potential of hemp-derived products. If you would like more information about the messengers and receptors of your endocannabinoid system, download The Ultimate CBD User Guide at CBDistillery.™

CBDistillery™ offers a variety of fairly priced CBD products sourced from non-GMO hemp grown using natural farming methods. You can verify the quality and purity of CBDistillery™  tinctures, topicals, capsules, vape pens, and pet products by viewing the third-party test results of every product we offer.

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CBD is derived from cannabis plants. While there are two potential sources of CBD, most of the CBD available to the general population is extracted from the stalks and stems of industrial hemp, not marijuana. Full spectrum hemp extract contains all the cannabinoids, plant terpenes, and flavonoids found in the original plant source.

Since hemp and marijuana are closely related, you may not be too surprised to learn that CBD is also concentrated in the flowers of the plant. While hemp flower is a legitimate source of CBD, you may have noticed that many reliable, reputable CBD companies are not offering this alternative – with good reason. Once you understand why tinctures, topicals, edibles, and vape products are the better options, you may want to avoid hemp flower altogether.

What Is Hemp Flower? 

Hemp plants produce small, yellowish-green flowers. It’s the spike-like flowers that produce hemp seeds.1 Dried hemp flowers, commonly called “buds,” can be smoked or used as a food additive.

What Is the Difference Between Marijuana Flower and Hemp Flower?

Although hemp and marijuana (Cannabis sativa L.) flower both contain CBD, flowers cultivated from marijuana plants are significantly higher in THC, the cannabinoid that causes the type of intoxication marijuana is known for. Hemp flowers contain only trace amounts of THC (0.3 percent or less). Smoking or ingesting hemp flower will not cause intoxication.

The CBD Flower in Local Smoke Shops Might Not Be What You Think

When you purchase hemp products, it’s important to know how crops were cultivated. While CBD flower may look completely natural, the buds sold at local gas stations, vape shops, or smoke shops may not be as pure or natural as they look. Many hemp flowers are heavily processed to protect their shelf life. Unless you have access to third-party test results, there is no way to know if those “nugs” are contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals, or mold.

Why CBD Flower Isn’t the Best Option

While some people may initially believe hemp flower the more natural option because the buds appear less processed, smoking hemp flower could cause more problems than you realize. In a side-by-side comparison, hemp and marijuana flowers look and smell very much the same. Since they are most often used in the same manner, when compared to other products, CBD flower is not your best option for the following reasons:   

The Four Best Alternatives to CBD Flower 

Every day unsuspecting consumers are being targeted by numerous companies trying to drive sales by using CBD as a buzzword to sell products. You may have noticed that varying amounts of CBD can be found in everything from candles to toothpicks. That’s why it’s important to be able to differentiate between legitimate products and sales gimmicks.

CBDistillery’s™ Gimmick-Free ad campaign is highlighting the misuse of CBD throughout the industry and helping consumers recognize these marketing ploys for what they are. If you are looking for a safe, reliable, gimmick-free CBD product, an alternative to CBD flower, consider the following suggestions:

Why CBDistillery™ Chooses Not to Offer Hemp Flower

CBDistillery™ is a leader in the hemp industry. While we offer a variety of product options, hemp flower is not one of them.  Although hemp flower is available in most states, the flower of the plant looks and smells like marijuana buds. The resemblance to marijuana could create a significant number of problems for law enforcement agencies and our customers. Possessing and using hemp flower could cause more problems than it’s worth for everyone involved.

To view our selection of high-quality, gimmick-free, hemp-derived products, visit CBDistillery™. CBDistillery™ vape pens, tinctures, gummies, and CBD isolate are crafted from non-GMO hemp crops grown using natural farming methods. All CBDistillery™ products are tested by an independent third-party facility to ensure product quality, potency, and purity.

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There are many factors to consider when selecting a CBD product. From seed selection to farming practices, it’s the attention to detail that determines product quality. One significant detail to consider before purchasing a hemp-derived product is the process used to extract the oil from the plant.

Since CBD products can be swallowed, applied topically, or vaped, it’s important to know the methods used to extract your CBD will deliver a product that’s safe to use. Of all the available extraction methods, CO2 extraction is the superior choice.

What is CO2-Extracted CBD Oil?

CO2 extraction is an oil extraction method utilizing the properties of carbon dioxide. This food-safe extraction method is commonly used for smaller quantities of hemp. The extraction process involves filtering plant material, the stalks, and stems of the plant, through a series of temperature and pressure-controlled chambers. This advanced extraction process isolates the natural cannabinoids found in cannabis plants at 90 percent efficiency. 

Three Benefits of Using CO2 Extraction

During the extraction process, the low temperature and increasing pressure within the extraction chamber transform CO2 from a gas to a near-liquid. It’s the liquefied carbon dioxide that allows the release of the essential oils and aromatics from the plant matter. There are three main benefits of using CO2 for CBD extraction, including:

How the CO2 Extraction Process Works

Carbon dioxide has the properties of a gas at a standard temperature and normal pressure. When pressurized, CO2 liquefies and can perform the function of a non-chemical solvent. Pressurized carbon dioxide pulls the desired phytochemicals from the plant as the plant matter is filtered through a series of chambers. When the pressure releases, CO2 converts back to a gas and is released from the extracted oil. Low-temperature extraction (subcritical) is best for oils that degrade at high temperatures.

Supercritical Co2 Extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction is a more precise extraction method with the ability to extract individual plant components in an environment of stable pressure and temperature. The main difference between subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction is the temperature. Since higher temperatures are used, supercritical CO2 allows for higher yields, more complete extraction, faster extraction times, and can extract higher weight materials from the plant (waxes and resins).2

Other Methods of CBD Extraction

While CO2 extraction is considered the superior option, it can be time consuming and expensive. That may be why so many companies use alcohol or chemical solvents to extract the oil from their plants. The following extraction methods could have unfortunate consequences:

The Top Three CO2 Extracted CBD Oil Products

CBDistillery™ uses clean, safe CO2 extraction to release the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes from our naturally grown industrial hemp. Our CO2 extraction methods and third-party testing ensure the purity of our CBD. Consider the value of our most popular CO2 extracted products:

The Purity and Potency of CBDistillery™ Products

Before making a product selection, it’s essential to ensure you are purchasing a quality product. The quality of the product you select is directly impacted by the extraction method.

CBDistillery™ tinctures are crafted from non-GMO hemp. Our crops are grown in the U.S. using natural farming practices and extracted using safe, reliable CO2, a superior extraction method. Once extracted, our products are tested by an independent third party. Viewing the test results on our site allows you to verify the potency and purity of CBDistillery™ tinctures, topicals, capsules, vape pens, and CBD pet products. 

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Vaping was initially introduced as a smoking alternative, a nicotine delivery system that created plumes of smoke-like clouds by heating a solution with a battery-powered heating element. Today, that same delivery system has proven to be the most efficient method of CBD delivery.

When you vape CBD, the cannabinoids often affect you within minutes. Of course, not all vape products are the same. The most effective CBD vapes contain CBD plus the numerous terpenes found naturally in hemp extract. It’s the terpenes in our vape products that makes them special.    

What are CBD Terpenes? 

CBD terpenes are the aromatic compounds of a plant. The terpenes give each plant their distinctive aroma and flavor. The therapeutic potential of any plant depends on the combination of terpenes it contains. Some terpenes are shown to have a calming effect, while others can increase energy levels and mental clarity. Shown to have a therapeutic effect on the body. If you have experienced the calming effects of lavender or felt energized by peppermint, you have experienced the effects of plant terpenes. Full spectrum CBD contains all the plant terpenes found naturally in hemp that contribute to the Entourage Effect.

The Entourage Effect

Full spectrum CBD contains vitamins, minerals, additional cannabinoids, and plant terpenes. Like cannabinoids, the terpenes in full spectrum CBD have the ability to bind with key receptors to influence vital processes within your body, working synergistically with the cannabinoids and even intensifying their effects due to the entourage effect. The Entourage Effect is the theory used to explain how the many inert elements in cannabis plants combine to magnify and multiply the effects of each component. It’s because of the Entourage Effect that many people believe full spectrum CBD to be the more potent option. The total effects of full-spectrum CBD are greater than the sum of its parts. 

The Potential Benefits of Plant Terpenes

The therapeutic potential of any plant depends on the combination of terpenes it contains. Researchers initially believed that the terpenes could promote healing by triggering the emotional centers within our brains. Today, research confirms that terpenes also regulate physical responses and modulate brain activity. Full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD contains up to 200 potentially beneficial plant terpenes, including myrcene, which has a calming effect, and pinene, shown to increase energy and improve concentration.

Why CBDistillery™ Terpene Vapes Are a Top Seller

It’s the terpenes in full spectrum CBD that give the hemp oil extract its distinctive flavor. Terpenes from other plants can enhance the wellness potential and the flavor. The vape liquids in flavorful CBDistillery™ vape pens are formulated with natural plant terpenes. The combination of plant terpenes is just one of the many factors that put CBDistillery™ vape pens ahead of the competition. To fully appreciate the value of our vape products, consider the following:

Five Top Terpene Flavor Profiles

While many vapers like to sample all their available options and rotate flavors, others prefer to stick with a familiar flavor they thoroughly enjoy. Whether you prefer floral, fruity, or earthy flavors, CBDistillery™ offers a significant number of terpene flavor profiles. Our top five CBD vape flavors include:

Common Questions About CBD Vape Products

If you have questions about CBD oil, consider downloading The Ultimate CBD User Guide, viewing our #CBDMOVEMENT Blog, or visiting our help center. Some of the commonly asked questions about CBD vape products include: 

An Efficient Delivery Method Enhanced by Plant Terpenes

Vaping full spectrum CBD and natural plant terpenes allow you to feel the many potential benefits of CBD within minutes. Edible products can take up to two hours to reach their full effects. You can use CBD vape products on their own, or in combination with CBD tinctures or topicals as needed.

Our CBD vape pens and cartridges contain full spectrum CBD and flavored with natural plant terpenes. We do not use artificial flavoring. Our CBD vape oils are formulated with TEC Temper oil, a natural, organic cutting agent ideal for vape liquids. To view our selection of disposable vape pens and pre-filled cartridges, visit CBDistillery™. We also offer a quality selection of CBD tinctures, capsules, softgels, and CBD pet products. CBDistillery™ is U.S. Hemp Authority™ certified.

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