Cats have a reputation for getting in and out of trouble unscathed. While we commonly stereotype pets of the feline persuasion as being independent and rather aloof, most cat owners would dispute those claims knowing cats can be affectionate, curious and downright charming.

Like the people who provide for their health and well-being, cats have wonderfully unique personalities. But they also suffer from many of the same physical and emotional issues as humans. Since the medications used to treat our feline friends are not universally effective or well-tolerated, a significant number of cat owners are turning to hemp-derived CBD for its feline-friendly health and wellness potential.

Is It Considered Safe to Give Cats CBD Oil? 

Hemp-derived CBD is safe for cats, but it is always best to consult your veterinarian and to be cautious of the formulation you select. While you and your cat could experience similar benefits from CBD, it’s important that you avoid sharing your CBD products. Feline digestion is quite different than ours. Pet-friendly hemp oil tinctures are blended with cold-pressed hemp seed oil, rather than MCT oil, to aid digestion.

Will My Cat Get High?

Your cat cannot get high from hemp-derived CBD. While marijuana contains high levels of THC, a cannabinoid with psychoactive effects, hemp does not. Full-spectrum hemp oil, the oil extracted from the stalks and stems of the plant, contains only trace amounts of THC. To be legally classified as hemp, the plant must contain 0.3 percent THC or less.  

How to Give Your Cat CBD Oil 

By nature, cats are more delicate and discriminating about their meals than dogs. Because cats have a heightened perception of bitter flavors, you may have noticed that it can take a considerable amount of effort to get your cat to swallow any substance they object to. While past struggles may cast doubt about your feline companion’s willingness to cooperate with your health and wellness efforts, administering CBD could be easier than you imagine1. Consider the following suggestions:






The Best CBD Oil for Cats 

Once you locate a pet-friendly CBD formulation, it’s important to verify the purity and potency of the products you select. Many CBD pet products contain significantly less CBD than claimed and others are made with low-quality hemp oil. That’s why it’s important to place your trust in companies that rely on third-party verification of product purity and potency and provide consumer access to those test results.

It’s our attention to these important details that make CBDistillery’s pet tinctures the best CBD oil for cats. Consider the benefits of the following products:






Visit CBDistillery for Pet-Friendly CBD Tinctures  


While CBD is credited for a multitude of potential health and wellness benefits, it’s important to understand that CBD is not a medication. Evidence supporting the benefits of hemp-derived CBD is based on laboratory testing, animal studies, and the testimonies of people who use CBD for themselves or their pets.

To share the health and wellness potential of CBD with your feline friends, visit the CBDistillery website. Our CBD pet tinctures are derived from non-GMO hemp seeds and cultivated without the use of fungicides, herbicides, or other potential toxins. You can verify the quality, purity, and potency of our products by viewing the QR code on your product labels or viewing the batch test information within our product images before making your selection.



Dorling,S. (2019). Different Kinds of Feline Personalities.


Guide to CBD Dog Treats

Your canine companion relies on you for their health and happiness. When you provide for their physical and emotional well-being, you are likely rewarded with endearing displays of affection. Many people believe they can see the love and devotion expressed in their dog’s eyes.

Those expressive eyes can also let you know when your beloved pet is feeling stressed or uncomfortable. It’s easy to see that our devoted furry family members develop the same physical and emotional distress as we do. That’s why so many people who care for a tail-wagging companion are turning to the pet-friendly potential health and wellness benefits of hemp-derived CBD.


Is CBD Safe for My Dog? 

Unlike some plant extracts, the CBD derived from industrial hemp is not toxic to animals. While you and your pet can both safely use CBD, it is best not to share your personal supply. Your dog’s digestive processes are not the same as yours. That’s why it’s best your dog or cat uses hemp oil products specifically formulated for pets.


Hemp Oil: The Key Ingredient in CBD Dog Treats 

Just a few clicks of your keyboard will likely direct your attention to a vast assortment of CBD-enhanced dog treats. When a pet product specifies that it contains CBD, that means the product is made with hemp oil, the oil extracted from the stalks and stems of hemp plants.

It’s the non-psychoactive hemp extract that contains cannabidiol (CBD). When dog treats contain CBD, that single treat provides a significant number of potential health and wellness benefits. While you do have the option of selecting pre-packaged CBD dog treats, a significant number of people prefer adding CBD pet tinctures to their dog’s favorite food or the treats their furry friend already enjoys.


Potential Benefits of CBD for Dogs 

CBD works for your pets the same way it works for you. CBD mimics the messengers and influences the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, the regulatory system that influences every essential bodily function.

Hemp extract is safe and natural and provides benefits far beyond its reported ability to alleviate a significant number of symptoms. Your dog does not need to be experiencing troubling symptoms to benefit from the health and wellness potential of hemp-derived CBD.

How to Give CBD to Your Dog 

Some people rely on CBD-infused dog treats to help their pets experience the many potential benefits of CBD. It’s important to realize that there are a significant number of product manufacturers using low-grade hemp oil for pet products. For example, depending on the temperature used to create the treats, there may be too little CBD in the snacks to be of any value.

That’s why so many pet lovers and CBD researchers like Ian Pedersen1 recommend using CBD pet tinctures. Pet tinctures allow pet lovers more say in the purity and potency in the products they give to their faithful companions. Plus, CBD pet tinctures are considerably more versatile. Using a CBD pet tincture is easy. Consider the following suggestions:





The Best CBD Products for Dogs 

Hemp plants absorb contaminants and potential toxins from the soil. That’s why it’s so important to verify the potency and purity of the products you select for your four-legged friend. Look for CBD companies willing to verify the purity and potency of their products by providing access to batch test results.

Providing verifiable evidence of product purity and potency is just one of the many reasons pet owners trust CBDistillery’s CBD Pet tinctures. Consider the following options:





Frequently Asked Questions About CBD for Dogs 

Since CBD is sourced from industrial hemp, a member of the cannabis species, some pet lovers are initially hesitant to give their dogs CBD. Most have a significant number of questions. Here’s a look at some of the most common questions about CBD products for dogs.


Will CBD Dog Treats Get My Dog High?

Your dog will not get high from hemp-derived CBD products. Hemp-derived CBD does not contain enough THC (0.3 percent) to be of any consequence. Your dog cannot get high from hemp, even if they consume a large amount of hemp oil.


Do I need to talk to my veterinarian? 

Discuss your plans with your dog’s veterinarian before including CBD supplements in their diet. If your dog is currently taking medications please note that CBD can interact with some medications, so it is best to get your veterinarian’s approval.


Can Humans Eat CBD Dog Treats?

Like any other food made for dogs, you could likely eat CBD dog treats, but you may not care for the flavor. There are a significant number of products containing hemp-derived CBD that are much more palatable. If you are looking for a tasty way to treat yourself, consider CBD gummies or mixing a CBD tincture with your favorite foods or beverages.


How Long Does CBD take to Work?

Every dog’s chemistry is different. While the effects of CBD tinctures can commonly be felt within two hours, it may take a bit of experimentation to find the best dosage of CBD for your furry friend. If you do not see the effects you are looking for, consider increasing the number of mg per dose every few days. Eventually, you will find the right dosage for your faithful friend.


Pet-Friendly Tinctures at CBDistillery

CBD has the same health and wellness potential for your canine companion as it does for you. Many people choose CBD pet tinctures over CBD dog treats to ensure the potency and purity of the products they give their pets and to have more control over the CBD dosage.

To share the numerous potential health and wellness benefits of CBD with your canine companion, visit CBDistillery. All CBDistillery products, including our CBD pet tinctures, are derived from non-GMO hemp seeds grown using natural farming methods. You can verify the potency, safety, and quality of our products by viewing the batch test information within our product images or scanning the QR code provided on every product label.


Additional Sources:

  1. Vey, E. (2019). CBD Dog Treats: Are They Worth The Money?

Chances are you know at least one person claiming to experience significant benefits using CBD. Their enthusiasm may have sparked your curiosity. If you’ve been trying to learn about CBD by questioning the CBD users in your social circles, their explanation of CBD may have you wondering if they got the facts straight. It happens.

While we admit there is a lot of potentially confusing terminology to decipher, CBD is not difficult to understand. You likely want to know what CBD is, how CBD works, and what CBD could do for you.

CBD is A Non-Intoxicating Component Found in Cannabis

The first part of the explanation is easy. CBD is the scientific abbreviation for cannabidiol, the most abundant of the 113 potentially beneficial cannabinoids found in cannabis. Since the extract of cannabis plants contains a significant amount of CBD, the extracted product is commonly referred to as CBD oil.


CBD Has Two Potential Sources

It’s quite natural for people to be a bit concerned when they first learn that CBD is extracted from cannabis. For decades, we have been using the terms, marijuana, cannabis, and hemp, to identify a single plant of the cannabis species, marijuana. Over the years, we seem to have forgotten about the other cannabis plant, hemp.  While hemp is cannabis, hemp and marijuana are not the same. Consider the following differences:




Most of the CBD products available to the general public are derived from industrial hemp. When you select hemp-sourced CBD products, you have access to all the health and wellness potential of cannabis, without the risk of intoxication from high levels of THC.


The Significant Differences Between CBD and THC

THC and CBD are both cannabinoids. The chemical composition is the same, but the structure is different. Since the structure is different, they don’t have the same effect on your body. You can’t get high from CBD because it doesn’t attach to the receptors that cause intoxication. Consider the following:




CBD Supports Essential Functions in Your Body

Now that you know that CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis and that you can’t get high from hemp-sourced products, it might be helpful to know how CBD works within your body.

CBD works by interacting with a recently discovered communication network. A relatively short time ago, researchers identified a previously undiscovered system of messengers and receptors that regulate every essential function in your body. They named their discovery the endocannabinoid system, after cannabis the plant leading researchers to its discovery.

The messengers of this regulatory system are called endocannabinoids, meaning cannabinoids made within your body. Your endocannabinoids function as neurotransmitters. The endocannabinoid messengers interact with the endocannabinoid receptors to initiate a response. The response is determined by the chemical composition of the endocannabinoid messenger. Just a few of the numerous functions the endocannabinoid systems helps to regulate include:


While your body makes the messengers of the endocannabinoid system, the cannabinoids made in your body are quickly broken down by enzymes. Stress, illness, and injury can create situations where the endocannabinoid supply does not keep up with the demand. The imbalance of supply and demand can cause the communication network to break down.

CBD Supports Your Endocannabinoid System

During their investigations, researchers also discovered that our bodies are wired to respond to the plant-based cannabinoids in cannabis, particularly CBD. They found that cannabidiol mimics the effects of the messengers and influences the receptors of your endocannabinoid system.

Through its interaction with your endocannabinoid system, the ability to influence key endocannabinoid receptors, CBD is shown to provide significant health and wellness potential. The product we commonly call CBD is hemp oil. It’s the oil extracted from the stalks and stems of the plant that contains the cannabinoid CBD.

Hemp oil products are shown to provide significant health and wellness benefits because of the way cannabidiol mimics the messengers and influences the receptors of your endocannabinoid system. By influencing the receptors of your endocannabinoid system, hemp-derived CBD provides significant health and wellness potential. Maybe it’s time to discover what CBD could do for you.

To learn more about hemp-dericed CBD and the many potential health and wellness benefits, download The Ultimate CBD User Guide at CBDistillery. At CBDistillery, our hemp oil products are derived from non-GMO hemp seeds grown in the U.S. using natural farming practices. You can verify the quality, purity, and potency of CBDistillery products by accessing the third-party test results within the product images or by scanning the QR code on your product label.

Throughout modern history, as product popularity increases, so does the number of companies wanting to profit from public interest. The anticipation of profit is a powerful motivator. The current level of public enthusiasm for hemp-derived CBD and the increase in investment opportunities has sparked a phenomenon that many analysts have dubbed “the green rush.”

Calling the increase in projected hemp revenue “the green rush” makes sense for several reasons. Firstly, “the green rush” is a bit of a nod to the gold rush of the mid-1800s. While the gold rush itself was short-lived, the anticipation of financial reward enticed hundreds of thousands of people to join the moneymaking adventure.

The moniker could also be a direct reference of the associations made with the color itself. To many people, ‘going green’ means selecting products that are harmonious with nature; to others, green is simply the color of money.

For those following hemp-derived CBD trends, it’s quite apparent that the interest and enthusiasm for hemp CBD products will not be slowing down anytime soon. Experts predict the industry will continue to thrive and expand.

The Booming CBD Industry

In an interview with Bethany Gomez, Director of Research for the Brightfield Group, Gomez tells readers that CBD sales have grown by more than 80 percent during the past year in spite of hurdles the industry faces. Gomez also notes that nearly half of all CBD customers are learning about CBD from their family or friends. Less than 10 percent of those using CBD are learning about products through advertising1.

The 80 percent growth in hemp-derived CBD sales shows no sign of slowing down. The hemp-derived CBD market is predicted to expand to a $22 billion industry by 2022. This estimate may have stunned financial analysts as it was significantly higher than estimates projected in 2018. When the marketing research firm making the estimate was questioned about its more-than-optimistic projections, the company felt its estimates were likely conservative2.

“We believe the hemp CBD market is going to skyrocket and is here to stay. Readers can rest assured that our experienced analysts and a vast pool of data support these market sizes and growth figures, despite the risks, barriers, and competitors facing hemp CBD products.”

– The Brightfield Group


Hemp-Derived CBD Opportunities are Attracting Big Business

Since the restrictions on industrial hemp cultivation were lifted with the Farm Bill of 20183, there has been a significant upswing in the number of industries incorporating hemp into their business models. Farmers are converting their fields, yoga studios are offering topical creams, skincare companies are infusing their products, and coffee shops are adding CBD tinctures to their specialty drinks.

There is even rumor that a major soft drink company is exploring its options in CBD4. But corporate interest isn’t confined to topical CBD or infused beverages.

Nabisco parent company Mondelez International recently announced they are considering adding CBD to cookies and snack foods. While it is unlikely that CBD-infused Oreos or Cadbury chocolate will be on supermarket shelves anytime soon, the company is “…getting ready, but we obviously want to stay within what is legal and play it the right way,” says CEO Dirk Van de Put.5

For now, companies like Mondelez are likely waiting for the FDA to weigh in before investing in the development of hemp-derived foods or beverages. Although hemp oil supplements do not currently fall under the jurisdiction of the FDA, in some states, including the state of New York, health departments are prohibiting restaurants and other venues from selling CBD-infused foods and beverages6. The FDA could soon be clarifying that issue.


Major Retailers Are Selling Hemp Oil Products

The FDA is holding a public forum on May 31 for stakeholders to express their challenges, share their experiences, and assess the agency’s regulatory strategy. The outcome of the forum may help the organization determine if additional regulation is necessary.

Because of the possibility of changes in FDA regulations, most large-scale retailers carrying hemp-derived CBD products are limiting their inventories to topical CBD products rather than edible products or CBD tinctures. Some of the many retailers offering, or expressing interest in offering, CBD products to their customers include: 7


A Market Vulnerable to Business Shenanigans

Since the market is not currently regulated by a government agency, consumers are at significant risk of purchasing inferior products. One report estimates that up to 70 percent of hemp-derived CBD products are not accurately labeled and contain significantly less CBD than indicated 8.

Reports like this could initially discourage those who might want to try CBD. But there is an upside to this revelation. When consumers understand that the market is littered with companies willing to misrepresent their products, those same consumers then know the importance of learning how to differentiate between reputable CBD companies and those using “hemp oil” as a promotional gimmick. Before investing in any CBD product, consider the following suggestions:






Predicting the Future of Hemp-Sourced Products

A 2016 article in the Hemp Business Journal estimated that the hemp CBD market would grow to a 2.1-billion-dollar market by 2020. Today, the predictions are as much as $22 billion by 2022, and some believe that could double by 2027.

The predictions for the future of hemp-derived CBD are not limited to the income-generating opportunities or even public interest in its health and wellness potential. Hemp is an eco-friendly, renewable resource that we are once again free to grow on American soil.

You will likely find a growing interest in a significant number of hemp-sourced products including hypoallergenic hemp fabrics, hempseed protein, and biodegradable hemp plastics. The legalization of hemp cultivation is also likely to result in additional research projects further investigating the health and wellness benefits of CBD.


Verifying the Quality of Your CBD Purchase

For hemp-derived CBD tinctures, gummies, topicals, capsules, and CBD vape products, visit our website. At CBDistillery, we take pride in overseeing every aspect of product production from cultivation to distribution and every process in between. All CBDistillery products are third-party tested and the results are easily accessible. You can view test results within our product images or by scanning the QR code on every product offered. CBDistillery products are U.S. Hemp Authority™ Certified.


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Some lucky people fall asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow. They wake after a good night’s sleep feeling refreshed and ready to start their day. The rest of us, those who have difficulty falling asleep, often wake feeling out of sorts, fatigued, and ready to go back to bed. Mornings are rough.

If you have trouble falling asleep, it’s likely you have already tried some of the better-known sleep-promoting suggestions. If caffeine restrictions, white noise machines, or counting sheep aren’t giving you the results you were hoping for, consider the sleep-promoting benefits of CBDistillery’s 30 mg CBD Night Time Gummies.

Let’s Face It, Many Americans Can’t Fall Asleep 

The inability to fall asleep within a reasonable amount of time can significantly reduce the amount of sleep you are getting. Even losing less than an hour of sleep each night can slow your reflexes, raise your blood pressure, and try your patience. If your sleep difficulties are more than occasional, you could be one of the millions of Americans living with a sleep disorder.

Introducing CBD Into Your Sleep Routine 

The safe, natural plant-based cannabinoids in hemp CBD supplements mimic the messengers and influence the receptors of the communication network regulating every essential function in your body, your endocannabinoid system.

Research shows that supplementing endocannabinoid system function with hemp CBD can help regulate your bodies natural functions, and significantly impact your overall health and well being. For the sweetest method of CBD delivery, customers love our 30 mg Night Time Gummies.


CBDistillery Night Time Gummies 

CBDistillery’s 30 mg CBD Night Time Gummies contain 30 mg of Isolate CBD per piece. Made without the use of animal products, our 30 mg Nighttime gummies are vegan-friendly, and a delicious way to tuck yourself in for the night. With CBDistillery Night Time Gummies, you get all the health and wellness potential of hemp-sourced CBD blended with the calming properties of melatonin, another significantly beneficial sleep supplement.  While each of these provides significant potential on their own, CBD and melatonin are even better together. Consider the following:





Customers Are Falling Fast Asleep

At CBDistillery, we have more than 10,000 verified comments, reviews, and user testimonials. From the comments we see, it’s quite apparent that the combination of hemp-CBD and melatonin is helping our customers fall fast asleep and sleep better throughout the night. Here are just a few of the many comments you’ll find within the 30 mg CBD Night Time Gummies product reviews:


“I can now sleep through the night with nighttime gummies. I love that I don’t have that drowsy feeling like with other sleeping aids.”

~Janice B


“I purchased the PM Gummies because I just wasn’t getting the restful sleep I desperately needed. It took using them a couple of nights to see how well they worked. I’m totally sold! I will continue to purchase these PM Gummies for the best nights sleep I could ever ask for. These are little gems!

~ Sandra B


“I fall right asleep and don’t wake up groggy.”

~ Luke Z

Athletes Using CBD for Restful Sleep and Athletic Recovery 

CBD is not a medication or cure for any known medical disorder. Because hemp CBD is a natural method of supporting essential processes throughout the body, a significant number of elite athletes are using hemp CBD to support their fitness and recovery efforts.


Yoga: Chelsey Korus

A lifelong learner in numerous movement practices, Chelsey Korus is a renowned Yoga instructor and philosopher. Chelsey has been teaching yoga since the age of 15. A decade of teaching and learning around the world led Chelsey to design a “total package lifestyle,” the concept of AWAKE.

“Being a yoga teacher who is always on the go, CBD has become an integral part of my post-flight routine. It had been hard to adjust when traveling between time zones, so I’ve become a big fan of CBDistillery’s PM Gummies, which help me get the rest I need. “

~Chelsey Korus

UFC: Michelle Waterson 

Mixed martial arts is considered one of the most dynamic and exciting of full contact combat sports. Using a combination of throw, kicks, holds, and takedowns, fighters strive to achieve dominance over their competitors. Michelle Waterson understands that allowing time for rest and recovery is essential for realizing the full benefits of her extensive training.

“I love to use my CBDistillery gummies to help me recover. It puts my mind and body at ease, bringing everything back into balance.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                ~Michelle Waterson

UFC: Anthony Pettis

American mixed martial artist Anthony ” Showtime” Pettis is currently signed to the UFC, competing in the Lightweight division. Pettis was the final WEC Lightweight Champion prior to the promotion merging into the UFC. Pettis uses several CBD products including a topical, tincture, and CBD gummies. The “Pettis Fight Pack” trio is available in a convenient, discounted bundle at CBDistillery.

“CBD has become an integral part of my training and post-fight regimen helping my body’s natural healing process.”

~Anthony Pettis

Submission Grappling: Gordon Ryan    

Submission grappling is a martial art form that uses techniques that allow a smaller competitor the ability to control a larger opponent through forced submission. This demanding sport requires a significant amount of strength and strategy. One of the leading competitors of his generation, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion Gordon Ryan uses hemp CBD to enhance his body’ ability to recover during training and competition.

“Training 3-4 times a day, recovery is vital. I have to make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. I take CBD 30-45 minutes before sleeping. It’s amazing.”

~Gordon Ryan


For  CBD Night Time Gummies, visit CBDistillery. Our vegan-friendly, fruit-flavored bears are enhanced with the sleep-promoting benefits of melatonin, your natural sleep hormone. While you are there, consider the health and wellness potential of our CBD tinctures, softgels, and CBD vape products. All CBDistillery products are derived from non-GMO industrial hemp grown in the US using natural farming methods.

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