Faster Relief From Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD

There are two key benefits to vaping which make this form of consumption superior to others: quick relief and efficient results.

Can You Get Faster Relief from Vaping CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the natural compounds found in cannabis and has been shown to provide medical benefits in both humans and animals. One of the most promising medicinal plant-based resources known, CBD has become well known throughout the world after reports of its amazing benefits.

CBD can be ingested orally in capsule form or edibles, or placed under the tongue and allowed to absorb into the mucous membrane sublingually. The compound can be applied topically using lotions or ointments and inhaled by vaporizing. The time that it takes an individual to get relief is dependent on the ingestion method and can differ among individuals.

The fastest and most efficient way to ingest CBD is by vaporization. A vaporizer heats the oil enough to release its active compounds without causing combustion.Vaporizing allows the CBD to enter the bloodstream through the lungs directly. Inhaling CBD with a vaporizer enables the patient to experience relief in as little as five to ten minutes, whereas the effects from other products might not be felt for forty-five minutes to an hour later.

Only a percentage of the CBD consumed will enter the circulatory system and produce the desired effects. The scientific term for the proportion of CBD that enters the system when introduced into the body is “bioavailability,” and it is dependent mainly on the method of ingestion. When taken orally CBD has a bioavailability of about 15% which means that for every 100 milligrams of CBD eaten, about 15 milligrams will enter the circulatory system.

CBD’s unique properties combined with functions of the digestive system cause the low bioavailability percentage when taken orally. CBD is not water soluble and does not readily enter or stay in the bloodstream. Like the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, THC, the CBD compound collects in fatty tissues, quickly dispersing from the bloodstream. This property severely reduces the quantity of CBD that enters and stays in the circulation system limiting its overall bioavailability. Additionally, when taken orally CBD must pass through the digestive tract and the liver where the concentration of bioactive compounds is reduced by absorption or through chemical breakdown by liver enzymes.

Inhaling CBD with a vaporizer allows the compound to directly enter the bloodstream through the lungs, bypassing the digestive system and the loss of CBD it causes. This method provides faster relief and allows a maximum bioavailability of nearly 50% to 60%. Compared to oral ingestion, vaporizing allows approximately four times as much CBD to enter the body, enabling patients to receive the same beneficial effects with a much smaller amount of CBD.

Cannabidiol has been embraced by patients across the globe and has shown to provide many benefits. The most effective and efficient way of ingesting CBD is by inhaling it with the use of a vaporizer. Looking for CBD vape products? Click HERE.

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