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“It’s very evident from where we sit and the demand that we’ve had, that the industry is ready to expand dramatically... Imagine when people are educated on this product and research comes out that validates why people are using this.”

–Chase Terwilliger, CEO of Denver-based Balanced Health Botanicals

“Sales have soared as the business has expanded its portfolio to include oils, tinctures, capsules and gummies. In 2016, the firm logged $200,000 in sales. Last year, annual revenue was $41 million and Terwilliger projects sales will double to $80 million by the end of this year.”

–Chase Terwilliger, CEO of Denver-based Balanced Health Botanicals

With the industry being so new, and there being so much confusion from the consumer side, companies selling gimmicky products aren’t helping the industry’s cause

–Chris Van Dusen, CMO of Denver-based Balanced Health Botanicals

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"Passage of the farm bill was the biggest boulder we had to break through, to take hemp off the controlled substances list.

CBDistillery is continuing development of processes to ensure the safety and quality of its products, including the use of an outside auditor to track any concerns or problems with the products.”

–Chase Terwilliger, CEO of Denver-based Balanced Health Botanicals


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“The biggest struggle that we faced when building our business was that yes, the DEA never interfered with us or really any of our competitors, but banking institutions, outside capital, insurance companies — we even had trouble finding office space because nobody would deal with that kind of gray area.

Mr. Terwilliger said the new rules could open up more opportunities for rural farmers who have been unwilling to stomach the same risks or who have been suffering from recent poor crop production.”

–Chase Terwilliger, CEO of Denver-based Balanced Health Botanicals

"CBDistillery offers a huge range of products, and our analysis found that their prices are among the most competitive for a brand of their quality. Even more importantly, they provide thorough, friendly, and professional customer service. Their representatives clearly know their products inside and out."

- Meg Kramer, CBD Hacker's managing editor

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