.5ml Colorado Hemp Derived Terpenes

For the CBD connoisseur, there is nothing more satisfying than adding your own flavors and aromas to your favorite isolates. Mixing and matching is half the fun! We understand how exciting and gratifying this process can be, which is why we’re offering this .5ml Colorado Hemp-Derived Terpenes product for such a low price. Build your own experience and have your CBD exactly how you like it.

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All natural, non-solvent terpenes mean you’re getting all the goodness of CBD and none of the chemicals you’ll find in other brands.

Know your CBD products!

Terpenes are one of the many components in cannabis, chiefly responsible for each strains’ unique aroma. Adding terpenes to CBD isolate will greatly change how it smells, and many users find the mixing and matching experimentation to be therapeutic in itself.

  • Ingredients: Hemp derived terpenoids