Can You Dab?

Why do you prefer to dab CBD?

We surveyed our Instagram (@CBDistillery) and social media followers to learn why they prefer to dab CBD over other forms of administration. Here are some of the responses we received:
@the_longarms Instant effects
@mynameisearl710 For its quick and strong effects
@drewishdrews Dabbing gives me a nearly instant balancing effect after smoking THC.
@rummrvz I like capsules but I will take Cbd dabs for quicker relief
@alx.benitez I prefer to dab because it’s instant rather than waiting for your body to digest. Taste great too so I enjoy smoking it for that reason as well
@maxrezz Also always great to use some CBD with other forms of cannabis for full entourage effects.
@ryantreat4 It feels natural and in my opinion tastes amazing. I love CBD and will never go back. As far as physical pains, as I said, no experience with smoking CBD and gaining relief, however, rubbing CBD topicals like Salve or lotion has given me almost immediate comfort/relief as well.
@droppinslabs Low cost (not paying for material for cartridges and accessories every time you buy, just raw medicine) and it allows me to have a delivery method that is fine-tuned and exactly how I want it, I know exactly how I like to dab and that is why it’s my favorite delivery method. Also almost immediate effects in a strong delivery
@organized.grime One word: bioavailability
@zensual.nature Dabbing CBD seems to have far more pronounces and often times more immediate results that other forms of administering the cannabinoid. I like the tinctures and I like the topicals, but most of the time, they are not as noticeably/instantaneously effective for managing my symptoms. I think tinctures/edibles will generally address body/mind in a slower/less distinct manner, topicals address specific sites of pain, and smoking/dabbing will bring relief to the body, but targets mental affliction, in my experience
@bcruz52 From all my experiences with this amazing cannabinoid I noticed that smoking or vaporizing it is the best form of administration. Due to all the effects of it just came in all at once very fast. It was a rush of relief that can’t be matched by any other way of taking it. When I need immediate relief dabbing is the way to go! 🙂
@Mr.PotatoHead Hello. It’s Mr. Potato head here. I prefer to dab because it is a quicker pain relief option without a doubt.
@fourdeeounce I myself don’t think it takes all my pain away when dabbing it, I would say 60% relief, but that being said, there are so many other benefits it gives me that are just truly astonishing.
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