US Hemp Authority™ Certification: The Seal of Stringent Self-Regulatory Standards


Product labels and certification symbols provide useful information about the many products we purchase. Whether it’s the USDA certification on meat and poultry, or the emblems that confirm products are kosher or organic, we understand that these symbols identify products and manufacturers who demonstrate compliance with specific regulatory processes.

Consumers appreciate knowing that products have been verified by respected organizations. That’s why we are so pleased to announce that CBDistillery’s parent company, Balanced Health Botanicals, is one of the first thirteen companies to receive the US Hemp Authority™ Certification seal.

The new US Hemp Authority™ Certification seal proudly displayed on our website can only be displayed by companies who have met the stringent requirements of the hemp industry’s new regulatory standards.


The US Hemp Authority™ Certification Process

The return of hemp to American soil is just beginning. As a result, the hemp industry had few self-regulatory guidelines to assure industry standards were being maintained. The US Hemp Authority™ Certification program was designed to get everyone in the industry on the same page, to educate farmers and product manufacturers, ensure consistent practices, and to set the standards throughout our industry for safety and quality.

Funded by the US Hemp Roundtable, the US Hemp Authority™ Certification guidelines are a joint effort, a voluntary certification process that demonstrates an industry-wide commitment to work alongside state regulators and law enforcement.

The industry standards, educational programs, and certification criteria were formulated by a group of industry leaders. Participants included representatives from the Hemp Association, state pilot programs, leading cannabis testing facilities, and quality assessors. Together, they developed comprehensive standards to guide those who grow and process industrial hemp.

Before qualifying for certification by the US Hemp Authority™, those seeking certification undergo an intensive hemp education training program to guide them through the certification process. This program helps companies prepare for the evaluation (auditing). This introduction to the certification process  includes:

The certification process is not mandatory, but it is available to anyone in the hemp industry who finds value in ensuring the best standards of quality and product safety are maintained at all times. Consumers benefit from the peace of mind knowing manufacturers are compliant with stringent regulatory guidelines and that best practices are verified by an independent third-party. For the industry as a whole, this is a giant step in the right direction.


The Guidelines that Ensure Product Quality

After completing the educational portion of the certification process, hemp farmers and product manufacturers are audited by an auditing service provider. To qualify for certification, the auditors need to confirm that all criteria  are met in the following areas:


The Hemp Authority™ Certification process is modeled after existing federal regulations used within the dietary supplement industry to ensure quality and safety. Certification seals are valid for a year after their issue date. Businesses, from farms to production facilities, must be recertified yearly.


Quality Hemp Oil Begins with Quality Hemp

As a leader in the hemp industry, we have always stressed the importance of selecting products grown using natural, organic farming methods. The standards we have set for ourselves are now part of the criteria for achieving US Hemp Authority™ certification. As a Hemp Authority ™ Certified company, CBDistillery will continue to:






To verify that we maintain the standards we profess, you can confirm the results of our quality assurance testing by clicking on the batch test results located within the images on the product pages. Once you have your CBD products home, simply scan the QR (quick response) code on your product label with the camera on your cellphone or the webcam on your computer. Scanning the code will take you directly to the test results for your specific batch.


Visit CBDistillery for US Hemp Authority™ Certified Products


Until recently, there just weren’t any certification processes in place to identify those in the hemp industry following established regulatory guidelines. With the creation of the new Hemp Authority™ Certification process, the certification seal identifies those of us in the hemp industry who are regulated, audited, inspected, and consistently adhering to industry standards.

For US Hemp Authority™ Certified hemp oil products visit CBDistillery. We offer a quality assortment of non-GMO, hemp-derived CBD products, including CBD tinctures, topical products, vape products, and CBD gummies, all third-party verified. We believe everyone should have access to the highest quality hemp-sourced products at fair, reasonable prices.

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