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CBD Roll-On & Relief Sticks


Looking for an effective muscle relief product? Our selection of CBD roll-on sticks provides soothing benefits for on-the-go relief. CBD topicals are an effective method of delivering cannabidiol to the skin.  We only sell high-quality CBD topicals that are derived from non-GMO industrial hemp plants grown using natural farming practices. Shop now!


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a CBD roll-on?

    A CBD roll-on is a way to consume cannabidiol (CBD) topically on the skin. The no-mess application is convenient, portable, and perfect for everyday use.

  • Can CBD Roll-Ons be used for pain?

    Yes, CBD roll-ons can help provide targeted relief. The best way to use CBD roll-ons is to apply as needed to the affected areas. We recommend applying a liberal amount, waiting 3-4 hours, then increasing the application amount as needed to achieve desired results.

  • What is the difference between a CBD roll-on and a relief stick?

    While both are topical CBD products designed for targeted application, a CBD roll-on typically has a liquid or gel-based formula that allows for easy rolling onto the skin using a ball applicator. A relief stick, on the other hand, is a solid balm or wax-based product that can be applied directly to the skin by gliding the stick over the desired area.

  • How long do CBD roll-ons/relief sticks typically take to work?

    The effects of topical CBD products can vary from person to person. Many of our customers report feeling the desired effects within 30 minutes to an hour after application. However, it's important to note that CBD affects individuals differently, and some may experience results sooner or later than others.

  • How should I store my CBD roll-on/relief stick?

    For optimal shelf life, we recommend storing your CBD roll-on or relief stick at room temperature, away from direct sunlight or excessive heat. Keeping the products in a cool, dry place can help maintain their quality and prevent any potential degradation.

  • Are your CBD relief sticks third-party tested?

    Yes, all of our CBD products, including the relief sticks, undergo rigorous third-party testing by independent laboratories. This testing ensures that our products meet the highest standards for quality, potency, and purity, and are free from contaminants. We believe in complete transparency, and you can find the lab test results for each product batch on our website.

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About CBD Roll-Ons

CBD roll-ons and relief sticks are an effective method of delivering cannabidiol to the skin. These topical products are made with CBD extract, derived by extraction from non-GMO hemp plants grown outdoors in the US through natural farming practices, then combined with other natural oils. CBD roll-ons and relief sticks offer a convenient method for quick on-the-go relief.

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