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Where can I buy CBD Oil near me? Find CBD Near You

If you prefer to do your shopping in person and are looking for a reputable CBD shop to find CBD oil for sale near you, click on the city closest to you and browse the list of nearby stores that carry high-quality CBDistillery® products.


CBD Oil Near Me:5 Things to Look For When Buying CBD Oil

Before purchasing your CBD product, it’s important to know what to look for. Being educated about CBD products will help make the buying process simple, easy, and hassle-free every time. Here are the top five things to look for when buying CBD oil and hemp-derived CBD products:

  • #1

    Extraction Processes

    It’s important to purchase from a company that is transparent about their hemp source and growing processes. It’s just as important to know that the company follows Good Manufacturing Practices throughout the extraction process.CBDistillery® uses CBD that is extracted from the aerial plant parts of industrial hemp grown in the U.S. using non-GMO natural farming practices. CBD is processed through a C02 supercritical extraction process, a sophisticated system that allows cannabinoids to be extracted at a high efficiency rate.

  • #2

    CBD Content

    It’s important to check the CBD content per serving to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of CBD in your product. Some labels will only display the total CBD content of the product. If this is the case, make sure to break down the total CBD content into serving sizes to calculate the amount of CBD per serving.

  • #3

    Third-Party Testing

    You can view third-party testing results to discover a variety of information about your CBD. These third-party results will confirm that your CBD purchase meets regulatory requirements. It’s important to select products from companies whose hemp oil is tested by a third-party laboratory to verify active ingredients and potency.

  • #4

    THC Levels

    When purchasing CBD oil and hemp-derived CBD products, you should always verify that the THC levels of the product are the same as what’s listed on the label. This can easily be verified using third-party test results. If your CBD contains more than 0.3 percent THC, it is no longer classified as a hemp product. You should also verify that CBD isolate products contain 0.0% THC.

  • #5


    Your best bet is to purchase from a CBD company that highly values transparency and the customer experience. It’s helpful to seek out CBD companies that share verified customer reviews and testimonials and earn product seals such as ISO 9001, Natural Farming Practices, and Lab-Tested Potency & Purity.

How to Know if You’re Buying High Quality CBD

You don’t always get the full story from the manufacturer who’s just trying to make a buck. Sadly, many companies choose to sell low-quality products at premium prices and get away with it. Protect yourself by knowing what to look for when buying CBD! Here are some of our tips and suggestions to help know if you’re purchasing high quality CBD:

Check the label for CBD content

It’s important to know the CBD content of your products. While many labels display the total CBD content per bottle or container, you should also know the amount of CBD per serving. The CBD content should always be specified in milligrams (mg). You may need to do some quick math to see how much CBD is in each serving to make sure you’re getting a valuable amount of CBD per serving with your purchase.

Make sure your CBD oil contains hemp oil, not hemp seed oil

Confirm the ingredients and CBD levels in your product to ensure that they are made with CBD extracted from aerial plant parts, not seeds. Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of industrial hemp and does not contain any CBD. It is often used in products like salad dressing oils and personal care items, as well as industrial products. While hemp seed oil can be utilized for other products, it does not contain CBD; so make sure your CBD products contain hemp oil, not hemp seed oil.

View third-party test results

A CBD company that values their customers will exhibit transparency and allow customers to view the test results of their products. Product testing should always be completed by an independent third-party facility. Lab test results will confirm your products contain the actual amount of CBD listed on the label as well as other ingredients. Unfortunately, many stores sell products that contain harmful contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. When you purchase from CBDistillery®, you’ll find a QR code on the label to easily view lab test results by scanning the code with a QR reader on your phone or mobile device.

CBD to THC Ratio

The two potential sources of CBD are hemp and marijuana. The main difference between the two plants is their ratio of CBD to THC. CBD derived from industrial hemp has a high CBD to THC ratio. It can be helpful to access third-party test results in order to verify that your full-spectrum CBD products contain 0.3 percent THC or less and that Isolate CBD products (0.0% THC) do not contain detectable levels of THC and contain 99+% pure CBD.

Legal Status of CBD Oil by State

Generally, the legal standing of CBD oil and its related products define the shopping experience. States differ on CBD oil consumption and sales. While some are liberal and open, others are slightly more restrictive. Therefore, be sure to check with your local state ordinance to find out if there’s any restriction on CBD sale and use.

The 2018 Farm Bill introduced some significant changes to the law governing hemp production and various CBD products. The law defines hemp as a cannabis plant that contains 0.3% or fewer THC levels. It also moved hemp plants from the banned substance list, making it legal to produce, harvest, and sell CBD products. Since then, CBD products have become more accessible at the federal level.

Buying CBD Online vs. Buying CBD Locally

Typically, CBD consumers can choose to either buy their CBD product online or from a local store. One of the benefits of purchasing your product from a local store is the convenience of access to high-quality CBD oil.

Another advantage of buying CBD products locally is that you can compare products and ask questions directly to the sales associate, who is likely an expert with CBD. Also, you don’t have to wait for CBD delivery as you can take the product with you immediately after purchase.

On the other hand, an online purchase can be a convenient option for users who don’t need their CBD product the same day. Online purchases save you the time and gas you would have used traveling to your local dispensary.

Users also benefit from a wider selection online than in a store. Plus, when shopping for CBD products online, you can access the third-party test results and Certificate of Analysis details before purchasing.

Prefer to Have CBD Delivered to Your Door?

Prefer to Have CBD Delivered to Your Door?

Whether you’re concerned about privacy or just don’t want to make a trip to the store, mail ordering CBD products is easy and simple. You do need to make sure that the shop you order from only sells safe and dependable products, so the same tips above apply when shopping online. If you’re looking for lab-tested products that meet the highest standards, CBDistillery can help!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is CBD Oil Completely Legal to Buy?

    Buying CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC became legal with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. However, some states do have some restrictions on full spectrum and other certain CBD products, so make sure you check your local regulations before purchasing.

  • What’s the Difference Between Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD?

    Generally, full spectrum CBD has various cannabinoids like THC and CBD. It also contains other natural plant compounds, including flavonoids and terpenes. Conversely, broad spectrum CBD is processed to remove all but trace amounts of THC and other compounds except for CBD.

  • What Is the Entourage Effect?

    The Entourage Effect theory states that all of the cannabinoids including less than 0.3% THC, terpenes and other plant compounds in Full Spectrum CBD work together to provide an enhanced benefit. With Broad Spectrum CBD, you can take advantage of the Entourage Effect with all but trace amount of THC removed.

  • Is Buying CBD Oil Online Better Than Shopping in Nearby Stores?

    Generally, buying online or locally largely depends on the user’s preference as each has its own benefits. Online shopping can be best if you’re looking for access to various brands. But if you have specific questions or need the products immediately, shopping at a local store is the better option.

  • What is CBD oil?

    CBD oil is a natural oil extracted from the hemp plant, containing cannabidiol (CBD), a compound known for its potential health benefits without the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

  • How do I choose the right CBD oil?

    Look for products that have been third-party tested, which ensures quality and purity. Consider the concentration of CBD, the type of product (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate), and the carrier oil used.

  • How do I use CBD oil?

    CBD oil can be taken sublingually under the tongue, added to food or drinks, or applied topically. The method of use may affect the onset and duration of effects.

  • Are there any side effects of using CBD oil?

    CBD oil is generally well-tolerated, but some people may experience side effects such as fatigue, changes in appetite, or digestive issues. It's recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase it.

  • Can I buy CBD oil online?

    Yes, CBD oil can be purchased online from reputable retailers like CBDistillery. Ensure the seller provides product testing results and complies with local laws regarding CBD sales.

  • How do I find CBD oil for sale near me?

    You can search online for local CBD stores, health food stores, or pharmacies that sell CBD oil. Some regions have dedicated CBD shops.

  • Will CBD oil make me feel "high"?

    No, CBD oil does not generally produce a "high" as it does not contain significant amounts of THC, the psychoactive component in cannabis.

  • Can I travel with CBD oil?

    Traveling with CBD oil is subject to local and international laws. In places where CBD is legal, you can usually travel with it domestically. However, international travel with CBD oil can be more complex and requires research into regulations of the destination country.

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