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Best CBD Shops in Bakersfield, CA

CBD is a product that's becoming increasingly popular as people discover its many health benefits. So it's no surprise that new CBD shops are popping up everywhere. But how do you determine the best product and place to purchase it? If you're looking for CBD shops in Bakersfield, CA, then you're in luck because we've compiled a list of the best ones and a guide on what to look for to get the best service and products.


How to Shop for CBD in Bakersfield Tips on Choosing Safe and Effective Products

When there is a lucrative new market, as there now is for CBD products, there are sure to be some people operating businesses that are either not up to standard or outright fraudulent. The last thing you need is a product that doesn't work because it has no CBD or contains excessive THC, which could affect you when driving or working. To avoid these problems, look out for these things when visiting a store:

  • Does the shop display its permits and licenses? If it does, you can check they are genuine by researching online.
  • What refunds and returns policies do they have? A lack of these can be a warning sign.
  • Is the shop well-staffed with helpful, knowledgeable people? Are they able to answer your questions and concerns satisfactorily?
  • Is there a wide selection of CBD products, or do they just have a few tagged on to their primary business area?
  • Does the shop look presentable, with clear signage, professional displays, and a clear indication that it's the premises of a legitimate business?

Once you've established that you're dealing with a reputable shop, check the products. Look out for these things in your CBD products:

  • Where does the product come from? It's a good idea to ensure it comes from a reputable grower with an established reputation. The best producers will tell you how the hemp was grown and how the CBD is extracted.
  • Legitimate CBD products come with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an independent laboratory. This will let you know all the safety information, the concentration of THC (it should be below 0.3%), and if any contaminants were found. In addition, there will be separate COAs for the final product and the plants it was extracted from.
  • Look for products that come in clearly labeled, properly sealed containers to ensure they've not been tampered with.
  • The packaging should include a list of ingredients and product-specific data, such as any possible allergens.
  • CBD extracts come in three different forms, so you must know which one you want. The purest form is CBD isolate if you want to avoid all other cannabis chemicals. Broad-spectrum CBD contains no THC but does have some cannabidiol, and Full spectrum CBD contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids as well as some THC.

Before shopping for CBD products, make sure you know exactly what you want so you don't get confused by all the terminology on the products in the shop. Research the condition you want to treat and determine the dosage you need. If in doubt, start with low concentration products and build up the dose if it doesn't have the desired effect. If you're still struggling, talk to the staff in the shop or your physician.

Local CBD Retailers

If you're a Bakersfield, CA resident who likes to shop locally, you have some excellent choices for CBD shops in your area. Here are five with good reputations.

6300 White Ln Ste W Bakersfield, California 93309 (661) 330-6576
Cbdelight offers a broad range of CBD products, including oil, gummies and even pet treats to calm your dog during firework displays.
The CBD Shoppe
2501 F Street Bakersfield, California 93301 (661) 432-7555
The CBD Shoppe boasts that they have "the largest selection of CBD products in Bakersfield." Friendly staff members are on hand to answer any questions about the products.
Your CBD Store - Bakersfield
3501 Mall View Road, Suite 104 Bakersfield, California 93306 (661) 404-4436
This store is dedicated to selling only CBD and sells products derived from 100% organic, non-GMO industrial hemp to ensure zero THC content.
Lassens Natural Food & Vitamins
4308 California Avenue Bakersfield, California 93309 (661) 324-6990
Oda Lassen founded this store in 1971, offering 100% organic natural food and vitamins, and has now added CBD oils to their range of products.
Navera Botanicals
2207 Brundage Lane Bakersfield, California 93304 (661) 368-8867
Navera Botanicals has an extensive range of CBD products and other supplements and well-being products.
Don’t See Your Favorite CBD Shop?
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Prefer to Have CBD Delivered to Your Door?

Prefer to Have CBD Delivered to Your Door?

Not everyone likes to get out shopping, and medical conditions might prevent you from being able to do so. In that case, why not use an online CBD shop and have your products delivered directly to your door?


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