Hemp For Dogs: Can man’s best friend benefit from CBD Oil?

If you’re here reading this, you may already know there are many benefits to humans using hemp derived, CBD products. But, did you know that dogs can also see health and wellness advantages from hemp products in the same way that humans can, and for the same reason?

In this article, we will gain a better understanding of what hemp oil products are, how they interact with dog’s systems, and what dog owners are using CBD to treat.

Introduction to Hemp and CBD

Cannabis plants contain 60+, naturally occurring, active compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these compounds found in hemp and marijuana plants.  It is important to note that CBD is a different component than Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the cannabinoid that creates the “high” feeling from marijuana. While THC can be dangerous for animals, CBD has considerable benefits according to most pet owners who give their animals CBD products and – aside from a slight drowsy reaction or increased appetite – most report no side effects from giving their dogs CBD oil. How do cannabinoids interact with dog’s systems and why do cannabinoids cause different effects? To answer this question, we must introduce the endocannabinoid system.

Dog’s Endocannabinoid Cannabinoid System

In the 60’s chemist, Dr. Ralph Mechoulam, Ph.D. isolated the CBD and THC cannabinoids and it was later discovered the endocannabinoid system has receptors that exist in canines as well as humans. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is essentially a central regulatory system that affects a wide range of processes including pain sensation, appetite, sleep, mood, and memory. The system consists of a group of molecules known cannabinoid receptors.

Endocannabinoids are the molecules that act as chemical messengers that bind to cannabinoid cell receptors and tell the body to do certain things. Dogs and other animals naturally produce endocannabinoids with the help of consuming foods like fatty acids found in nuts and fish. The 60 cannabinoid molecules found in cannabis also have the ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors. Although different cannabinoids (like CBD and THC) cause different effects, it is all through the same system that similar molecular messages are sent throughout the body. Put more simply, the molecules found in cannabis plants aid in a dog’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for many vital functions.

For example, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are essential acids that dogs don’t naturally produce enough of but which are important for healthy skin, fur, and general well-being. Most dog foods contain these essential fatty acids but CBD oil is rich in these essential acids, providing a healthy supplement to their diet. What other benefits can dogs reap from hemp derived, CBD oil?

Uses of CBD Oil

Although there has been no clinical research done on the effects of hemp for animals and we cannot make official medical claims, The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association did a study called “Consumers’ Perceptions Of Hemp Products For Animals” wherein they performed an anonymous survey of 632 pet owners who buy hemp products for their animals.

The peer-review survey came to some telling conclusions. Among others, the study found:

  • 77.6% of dog owners indicated they use the product for an illness or condition diagnosed by a veterinarian.
  • 90% indicated that they thought hemp products were “very safe.”

Aside from the anecdotal medical benefits of hemp, there are dietary considerations as well.

While most veterinarians are reticent to sing the praises of CBD oil because of a lack of clinical research, anecdotal information can be cited to indicate CBD for dogs is an effective treatment for many of the same ailments humans struggle with.

The Healing Vet – “Dr. Edward” – has witnessed in his practice many incidents of how CBD oil has worked to help his four-legged patients. Located in Australia, Dr. Edward has more than 20 years of experience as a veterinarian and prefers a holistic approach to animal care. Recently, he provided an interview to “The Devil’s Lettuce” podcast in which he provided specific examples of ways he witnessed CBD oil alleviate problems for his patients.

One dog owner says, “CBD Oil really makes a difference! We’ve been giving this to our dog for a couple of months now.  We’re very impressed. So glad we found CBD!”

If you are looking for a natural way to help your dog, CBD Oil is a fantastic choice.

It’s Not Too Late to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality

We surveyed our customers not so long ago, about what their New Year’s Health and Wellness Resolutions were and about how they were planning to use CBD products to support in achieving these goals. Over one thousand of our customers shared what they have set out to achieve in 2018 and we want all of our customers to know we are here to support you every step of the way.

As a company, we set our own 2018 goals and revisited our mission statement to reflect who we as a company want to be in 2018. Here is our new mission statement:

The CBDistillery™ is more than just a supplier of CBD products, we are thought-leaders, provoking change across the cannabis industry. We aim to consistently demonstrate humility, compassion, and respect for those we have the privilege of serving by providing access to innovative high-quality CBD products, access to education, and research and testimonials. Our mission is to lead the #CBDMOVEMENT by spreading knowledge about CBD to the masses.

Our hope is that you, our customers will hold us accountable to this mission statement. In return, here are 7 of the health and wellness resolutions you told us you are focusing on as well as tips on how to put your best foot forward and turn your resolutions into a success!

So how are you doing so far?

It’s Not Too Late!

Are you on target, taking positive steps and marching toward your personal resolution? If you have procrastinated in starting or even fallen off the path, its okay! It isn’t too late, to jump back on the horse! Here are some tips and tricks to achieving your 2018 goals.

Resolution #1 

Overall Better Health

The Plan

Baby Steps. This is a big and lofty goal but not unreachable. The key to reaching any goal of sizable consideration is to employ baby steps. If you were one of the many citing better overall health as your personal resolution, employing baby steps will help. This may look like getting to the gym four days a week or cutting fast food out of your diet. The idea is to create obtainable and measurable short-term goals. Using small goal like these (baby steps) will provide motivation and help to keep you moving forward.

Resolution #2

Start a New Fitness Routine

The Plan

Fun and Manageable. The motivations behind starting a new fitness routine could be many. Maybe you want to take your health to the next level and now that your diet is getting better this is the next step. It could be that you just want to add some physical activity to your sedentary lifestyle. Whatever your reason, keep it fun and make it manageable. If it isn’t enjoyable are you going to stick with it? With your hectic schedule, can you really commit to six days a week? Find a routine you like and a schedule that is realistic.

Resolution #3

Lose Weight

The Plan

Eat the Right Way. It was just a matter of time before weight loss appeared somewhere on the list right? Many of our customers and about half the world make this resolution every year. What people most often miss and are never told often enough is that a healthy diet is as much about how you eat as it is what you eat. Eat six to eight times a day and control your portions. Doing this will force your metabolism to work and help prevent your body from storing food (fat).

Resolution #4

Breaking Bad Habits

The Plan

The Reward System. Trying to break a bad habit? Many of our customers said that they made this their New Year’s resolution. Try using a reward system. Positive reinforcement works and your brain can be trained. Give yourself a treat (you know what you like!) every time you stop yourself, go a week or have a breakthrough toward breaking those bad teeth grinding, nail-biting habits.

Resolution #5

Get More Sleep

The Plan

Schedule Plus Sleep Aid. Stick to a schedule, train your brain and your body. Sometimes using additional aids to help you get on a schedule can be useful. Our customers have cited that some of our most popular products help promote falling and staying asleep longer.

Resolution #6

Eat Healthier

The Plan 

Find a Few Favorites. Overall health includes eating smart and losing weight but is also about what you eat. It may take some time for your palate to adapt to less fatty, less salty and less healthy foods. Find a few staple foods early on that you can rely on. The key is to train your brain to crave these healthier foods rather than the junk it was once used to. This takes time (they say it takes 21 days to break a habit), but once you are over the curve your body will thank you.

Resolution #7

Stress Reduction

The Plan

You Time. The world is chaotic, crazy and constant. What we need is a refuge and those moments of peace and sanity. Take time for yourself and literally schedule some time to do nothing every week, just “you” time. Still having a difficult time controlling your response to stress? Many of our customers have reported successfully using CBD products as a way to find mental and physical relief, contributing towards overall better health.

It isn’t too late and there is plenty of 2018 left to make your New Year’s resolution a reality. Please let us know if there are any ways that we can support you!

What Is Hemp Oil?

With the marijuana industry now becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S., far too many people new to the subject become confused when hemp oil enters the picture. Even the U.S. Government once showed confusion about what the difference is between hemp and marijuana. It led to a ban on hemp 48 years ago under the Controlled Substance Act.

It’s not hard to see the misunderstanding when you consider hemp and marijuana are both from the same plant. However, this is one of the only similarities. What usually confuses people is the THC levels in marijuana and hemp. The latter, hemp, has less than 0.3% THC, which can give some people the wrong connotations.

Take a look at how to distinguish the two, some history, and statistics behind hemp oil use.

Some History of Hemp Oil

Did you know hemp oil cultivation goes back 10,000 years, beginning more or less where modern Taiwan is? One thing the ancients discovered about hemp is how it helped soil quality. It basically conditioned the soil for easier crop growing.

Hemp plants also absorbed water when there was excessive runoff while growing crops. Thanks to hemp plants growing tall, it also provided shade for other crops and livestock.

Eventually, hemp plant cultivation spread to China, where the Chinese were the ones who discovered the medicinal qualities in hemp. In fact, the old Yin and Yang philosophy comes from the first understanding of what the difference is between hemp and marijuana.


Over time, hemp growing made its way into Greece and into Ancient England during the 1500s. Early America also started growing hemp, leading later to farmers cultivating it to aid the war effort during WWII.

It was the cultivation ban in 1970 that changed the entire view of what hemp could do.

The U.S. Farm Bill of 2014

Only within the last four years have things changed in being able to buy hemp oil. Finally, the government acknowledges there’s a difference between marijuana and hemp. The stipulation is that the cultivation of industrial hemp is done for research purposes.

Now you’re starting to see hemp oil being sold everywhere with the assumption it’s legal in all 50 states. This isn’t to say there still isn’t confusion about the legality issue, with some states attempting to shut down hemp products from being sold.

How Many People Use Hemp Oil Products Now?

Researchers continue to point out hemp oil is the most unsaturated oil derived from the plant kingdom. While it’s up to you to decide efficacy, you can see the potential health benefits when consumed.

Many people believe in this, and it’s why you’re seeing statistics showing people using CBD and dropping their prescription drugs as a result. In fact, a recent survey showed 42% of those who tried hemp gave up their prior drugs. Most positively, 82% of those who used CBD regularly say it helped them feel better while suffering from various ailments.

So how is hemp oil made to make it so effective in making people feel better without prescription drug side effects?

Extracting CBD Oil From Stalks and Stems

Online retailers of CBD products, like The CBDistillery, extract CBD  from stalks and stems of industrial hemp plants. This is a process involving either CO2 or ethanol extraction.

With CO2 extraction, you filter plants through a series of chambers that control temperature and pressure. Using temperature control and units of pressure, it’s possible to isolate cannabinoids at a 90% efficiency rate.

Ethanol extraction is a more thorough method where you get a higher volume of CBD oil. Through this method, you can also remove chlorophyll, one of many unwanted components in dried hemp. Chromatography is usually the next step to remove unwanted plant phytochemicals from the extracted oil.

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Should You Be Vaping CBD?

In February 2017, Business Insider reported that the sale of marijuana oil cartridges used for vaporizing, increased 400% from 2015 to 2016. The sudden increase in long streaming vape clouds among canna-connoisseurs is attributed to the ease of use, portability, cost, and the overall effect that comes with vaping cannabis oil. Also becoming more popular in the industry is vaping CBD rich oils and for good reason. In this article, we will dive into why vaping CBD has become so popular and why you might consider adding CBD vape products to your daily regiment.

How do Vape Pens work?

Through a heating system typically operated with a battery, when inhaled, vaporizers bring a CBD vape formulation, to a temperature just short of combustion, creating a stream of vapor, which is a gaseous state of a substance that is normally a liquid at room temperature.  Unlike heating CBD rich flower or bud, the vapor produced is free of toxins, carcinogens, and irritants that are associated with smoking. 

Benefits of Vaping CBD

To understand the benefits of vaping CBD, you must first understand the science of bioavailability, which is defined as the proportion of a substance that enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect. In layman’s terms, bioavailability refers to the percentage of a substance that will actually affect your brain and body. Cannabidiol’s bioavailability strongly depends on how it is ingested. When ingested orally, the amount of CBD that will actually reach your bloodstream is only around 15 percent whereas, when vaping CBD nearly 50 to 60 percent of the compound will enter your circulation. When vaporized, CBD enters your lungs and circulates directly throughout your bloodstream. When ingested in other ways, CBD must pass through the gut and liver. Liver enzymes break down the concentration of bioactive compounds during an occurrence called the “first-pass effect”. When vaporized, CBD bypasses the first-pass effect, thus delivering the desired results faster and more efficiently.

CBD Vape Solution Options

There are several options for the vape solution used in CBD vape products each with advantages and disadvantages.


Triple distilled MCT is one option. MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is a colorless, odorless oil that can be extracted from coconuts and contain high levels of Caproic acid (C6), Caprylic acid (C8), and Capric acid (C10). Through a precise distillation process, these triglycerides are isolated and easily converted into ketones, a substance produced when the body breaks down fat and converted into energy. MCT is therefore one of the fastest ways of administering CBD throughout the body. Also, compared to other vape solutions, MCT oil is completely natural, providing vapers with an all natural, healthy, vaping option. A disadvantage of MCT oil as a vape solution is some people with specific health concerns, like Type 1 Diabetes, are discouraged from consuming MCT oil. Luckily, there is an alternative solution for these people.

PG & VG Oil

Both VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol) are two ingredients that can be used for vape solution. Both are also odorless and flavorless and can be mixed with CBD isolate to formulate a CBD vape solution. Although considered safe and acceptable by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, some people are concerned that these synthetic substances can create toxic nanoparticles when ingested.

It is up to the consumer to decide what they want to put into their bodies. There are advantages and disadvantages to vaping CBD products, and as always, we recommend doing your own research prior to deciding to purchase CBD vape products.