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National CBD Day & Cannabis Holiday Calendar

Written By Ellese Symons Feb 16th 2023
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Awareness initiatives serve several essential functions. They're well-known for drawing attention to important causes, expressing appreciation, sharing vital information, and focusing our national spotlight on some of the many health and wellness concerns affecting our population. When a new national awareness day is announced, you'll often see multiple press releases, radio ads, op-ed pieces, local media reports (NDA, 2022), and social media campaigns. As awareness increases over time, a simple initiative can evolve into a widely anticipated annual campaign. 

When National CBD Day was established in 2018, market analysts estimated that only 6% of US adults were CBD users (Conway, 2019). As of 2020, that number was holding at an impressive 33%. While that's clearly a remarkable increase, that number also suggests a considerable number of people who could benefit from CBD could be missing out. With so many people learning about CBD through the experiences of their family members and friends, maybe it's time to expand our collective efforts. Instead of focusing solely on National CBD Day, we could be celebrating every notable occasion on the cannabis holiday calendar. 

When Is National CBD Day?  

National CBD Day is an annual event celebrated on August 8th. Prior to the first nationally recognized CBD Day, polls at that time suggested that more than 60% of adults were aware of CBD, but many were hesitant to purchase. Of those most familiar with the cannabinoid's health and wellness potential, 40% of consumers assumed CBD was "another name" for marijuana. Another 24% purchased their first product believing hemp-derived tinctures, capsules, and gummies would provide the same type of intoxication as cannabis products purchased from a dispensary (SingleCare, 2023). A four-person committee approved the request for a day devoted to CBD to help increase consumer awareness of its potential benefits and address any misconceptions (Molerus, 2018). 

What Does National CBD Day Celebrate?  

Before the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed August 8th National CBD Day, relatively few people understood that CBD is just one of more than 140 non-intoxicating cannabinoids in hemp and marijuana. There was also a lot of public confusion about product legality because both cannabis plants were classified as schedule 1 drugs. When the 2018 farm bill passed, hemp was removed from the list of restricted substances, and legality was left to the discretion of the individual states. As it stands, hemp-derived CBD products were descheduled in all but a few states, provided their THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) concentrations remain at or below 0.3 percent. 

Today, we celebrate that and more. Individual brands typically benefit from awareness days through a boost in social media engagement, market visibility, and media coverage. CBD users help keep the celebration going strong by sharing personal stories and product recommendations, stocking up on their favorite brands and taking advantage of special offers, contests, and discounts (Kennedy, 2020). 

2023 Cannabis Holidays: Six Days You'll Want to Mark on Your Calendar  

The full spectrum oil extracted from hemp's stalks, stems, and flowers contains high concentrations of CBD and a small amount of THC. Although most CBD products sold in vape shops, convenience stores, specialty shops, and online are made with the oil extracted from hemp's stalks, stems, and flowers, hemp is just one potential source of CBD (Komarnytsky et al., 2021). Marijuana plants typically produce high amounts of THC and varying amounts of CBD. As you're considering some of the many ways you could participate in National CBD Day, you may also want to mark your calendar for several other cannabis holidays this year. 

February 04 – National Hemp Day   

As one of the first domesticated crops, hemp has been highly valued throughout history for its protein-rich seeds and strong, durable fibers. The puritans brought hemp seeds to colonial America. British colonies were required to cultivate hemp due to the high demand. In the US, hemp cultivation prospered until falling out of favor in the mid-1930s. That's when our government imposed heavy licensing restrictions and hefty fines on hemp farmers. When the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 specified cannabis (rather than marijuana) as a schedule 1 drug, cultivation was banned for decades. National Hemp Day celebrates the return of hemp cultivation to American soil. Consider commemorating the occasion with eco-friendly hemp paper, breathable hemp fabrics, shoes, cording, or canvas (Zimniewska, 2022). 

April 20 – 4/20 

On April 20, tens of thousands of Americans gather to celebrate cannabis. But the significance of the date is a common topic of debate. Some believe the holiday began as a "counterculture" movement, a symbol of protest. Others suggest 420 is a code for marijuana used by a group of 1970s teenagers searching for cannabis left behind by a coast guard member. While we may never know which theory is correct, it's clear that marijuana legalization has a positive impact on 4/20 celebrations. As corporations begin to grow, sell, and market marijuana, the plant is losing its status as a counterculture symbol. Instead, businesses are leveraging the holiday to promote the legal marijuana industry (Lopez, 2021).   

June 18 – Jack Herer's Birthday  

Jack Herer was a man who believed cannabis is one of our most valuable resources. He worked tirelessly to promote industrial hemp products and the many ways society could benefit from cultivation. While on the road promoting his book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes," the "Hemperor of Cannabis" was also involved in the creation of the Cannabis Action Network with several members of his entourage. Although Herer did not live long enough to see a single state legalize recreational marijuana, four states and Washington, DC, accomplished that goal within six years of his passing. Eleven states lifted the ban on medical cannabis use. In the mid-1990s, breeders in the Netherlands named a popular strain "Jack Herer" to honor his contributions to the cause. 

July 10 – Cannabis Oils and Concentrates Day  

Like 4/20, 7/10 is a holiday devoted to consuming cannabis, but in a different form. When you rotate "710" upside down, you'll see "OIL." Not quite as well-known (or commercialized) as 4/20, July 10th is the second-largest cannabis holiday. Although the origins of the first celebration are also a topic of debate, Cannabis Oils and Concentrates Day gained considerable traction when a group of enthusiasts sought to take their use mainstream with an article titled "710 is the New 420." That same year, the cannabis community gathered for the first official 710 celebration, the 710 cup. While there was a time you would need a dab tool and torch to celebrate 710 in style, today's vape pens and battery-operated dabs make it easy to enjoy oils and concentrates (Bobrow, 2020). 

October 05 – Victims of Prohibition Commemoration Day 

2023 marks the 86th year since the beginning of marijuana prohibition. Although cannabis is now legal for recreational and medicinal use in numerous states across our country, more than two million people continue to serve time in prison for growing or possessing marijuana. Researchers estimate that an additional 1.5 million people are added every year. We're talking about people being incarcerated for offenses that aren't crimes in other states. October 5th is the day set aside to contemplate the complexities of our judicial system and also the lingering effects of cannabis-related felony convictions on incarcerated individuals and their families. As those of us living in states permitting legal access enjoy our freedom to grow and consume cannabis, Victims of Prohibition Commemoration Day helps remind us that there's a lot more to be done. 

November 06 – Cannabis Legalization Day   

Before enacting the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937, marijuana was legal, and hemp was thriving. Three days after enacting the legislation, the FBI and Denver police raided a Lexington hotel and arrested the first two men convicted of possessing and selling cannabis in our country. Decades later, on November 6th, lawmakers in Washington and Colorado passed laws reestablishing marijuana as a regulated American industry, legislation sparking an international debate on drug reform. As of November 2022, 21 states and Washington, DC, have followed suit (Leafly, 2023). Cannabis Legalization Day memorializes the shift towards legitimizing marijuana. If you're in the mood to celebrate, visit your local dispensary or consider taking a trip to a state where you'll have legal access. 

CBD in 2023: How Will You Celebrate National CBD Day & Cannabis Holidays?  

There are two potential sources of CBD, hemp and marijuana. Most of the CBD products you'll find in retail stores, vape shops, and brand websites are made with the oil extracted from hemp's stalks, stems, and flowers. Marijuana-sourced CBD products are typically sold through a dispensary. Although no two CBD users are exactly the same, most of our nearly 2000 survey respondents report positive results using a variety of hemp-derived products for relaxation, better sleep, discomfort after physical activity, and mild or temporary anxiety. If you've never tried hemp-derived CBD, you could be missing out. If you're curious, consider taking our CBD Quiz or scheduling a personal consultation

If you already have a personal favorite, you may want to consider celebrating National CBD Day by trying something new. As long as you're choosing a CBDistillery® product, your purchase is risk-free. We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Plus, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing any product you select is naturally farmed, rigorously tested, quality assured, and made with 100% clean ingredients. 


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