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Best CBD Shops in Atlanta

The popularity surrounding Cannabidiol (CBD) products has skyrocketed, driven by the growing public interest in its potential benefits on the human body. According to a recent report, the global CBD market is expected to hit the $12.64 billion mark by 2026. This 'green boom' in hemp-derived cannabis products has seen CBD shops and online retailers popping up everywhere. Unfortunately, the explosion of CBD companies has opened the door for unscrupulous dealers to introduce low-quality brands. Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of CBD products available and are wondering what products are right for you? This article provides an overview of what to look for when shopping for high-quality CBD options in Atlanta.

Best CBD Shops in Atlanta

Here is a list of a few reputable local CBD shops in Atlanta.

Rowe's CBD/THC Dispensary
100 N Houston Lake Blvd Ste D Centerville, GA 31028 (478) 292-3109
This locally-owned retail store supplies quality hemp-derived CBD products such as pet tinctures, cookies, and topical creams.
Health Unlimited
2968 N Druid Hills Rd NE Atlanta, GA 30329 (404) 633-6677
This long-time Atlanta CBD retailer offers high-quality products to boost your health and well-being.
The Georgia Hemp
4969 Roswell Rd Ste 115-120 Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 343-2796
This company is dedicated to supplying customers with a vast selection of CBD products and Delta 8 products, as well as providing quality service that includes free deliveries.
Apothecary ATL
220 Sandy Springs Cir Ste 129 Atlanta, GA 30328 (404) 689-7300
The highly knowledgeable staff at this retail store provide helpful info to help customers find top-end CBD products, vitamins and supplements that suit their needs.
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How to Shop for CBD in Atlanta Tips on Choosing Safe and Effective Products

With hundreds of new CBD companies bubbling up daily, finding a product that works for you can be daunting. Moreover, the need for more transparency around quality control in this industrial hemp extract sector can complicate the search for top-shelf brands. Here are several tips to help you source a safe product that provides optimal health benefits.

What Do You Want to Use CBD For?

The first step in finding high-quality CBD is determining why you want the product and what delivery system best suits your needs and lifestyle. CBD products are available in multiple formats, including vapes, edibles, creams, tinctures, and ointments. Each product format offers varying levels of bioavailability and can affect the body differently. 

Fast-acting CBD alternatives such as vapes, suppositories, and sublingual tinctures may be most effective for easing cramped muscles, joint pain, or anxiety. Meanwhile, topical creams and oils are an excellent solution for a skin condition affecting a particular body part. Edibles like gummies and cookies are ideal for those who want to discreetly use CBD on the go, while capsules, pills, and beverages could be more convenient for use while relaxing at home.

Choose the Right Blend of CBD

The next step is identifying which CBD extract works best for you. There are three common types of CBD— full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate:

  • Full-spectrum CBD: These hemp extracts contain CBD along with small amounts of other compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), flavonoids, and aromatic terpenes. The additional cannabinoids are believed to work together to support the 'the entourage effect,' enhancing the CBD's therapeutic effects. 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD: These formulations contain all of the natural components in the hemp plant except THC. They are generally ideal for people who want to experience the potential benefits of CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids but may be sensitive to or prefer to avoid any doses of THC. 
  • CBD Isolate: This pure CBD extract has been refined to remove additional cannabinoids and other ingredients. While it doesn't have the entourage effect, this formulation allows users to enjoy all the positive effects of CBD directly.

Ask for a Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis (COA) provides a detailed report by a third-party laboratory showcasing all the compounds found in a CBD brand. This lab report typically features information on the total cannabinoid concentration and the presence of any contaminants, pesticides, and heavy metals in the product. A COA is important as it indicates that the company has subjected its over-the-counter products to quality and safety analysis.

A trustworthy brand will typically have a COA on its website or be willing to send a copy on request. Some brands have misled users about the potency of their CBD-infused products. Reading the lab report guarantees that you're buying safe and reliable merchandise.

These additional steps can help you avoid buying CBD products that may be unsafe or of poor quality.

Check for Clear Labeling: A legitimate product should have a clear label indicating all hemp ingredients and non-cannabis additives in the extract. The label should also include other details, including the batch number, production/expiration date, net weight, and address of the manufacturer.

Shop at Reputable Stores: Avoid sourcing your products from unlicensed online companies, dispensaries, or retail stores in Atlanta. A legit CBD company should also have knowledgeable and fully transparent staff about the products they carry.

Look for Organic, Non-GMO Products: U.S.-grown hemp plants are typically grown through organic processes determined by the USDA. CBD extracts from FDA-registered facilities are free of synthetic chemicals. They have a non-GMO (genetically modified organism) designation, giving them superior safety, taste, and effectiveness to CBD brands from abroad.

Prefer to Have CBD Delivered to Your Door?

Prefer to Have CBD Delivered to Your Door?

Most CBD stores, specialty shops, and online merchants help make the shopping process seamless by delivering orders straight to your doorstep.


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Total transparency about all of our products and batch results.
Total transparency about all of our products and batch results.
Our CBD products are third-party lab tested to ensure you receive the highest quality CBD guaranteed!
Our CBD products are third-party lab tested to ensure you receive the highest quality CBD guaranteed!
Honestly labeled, non-GMO, and grown in the United States via natural farming practices, our CBD products are derived and manufactured from industrial hemp extract.
Honestly labeled, non-GMO, and grown in the United States via natural farming practices, our CBD products are derived and manufactured from industrial hemp extract.
We have over 38,000 5-Star reviews from satisfied customers.
We have over 38,000 5-Star reviews from satisfied customers.