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Best CBD Shops in St. Louis

As an increasing number of the health benefits of CBD are discovered, the market is rapidly expanding. This has resulted in a wide range of CBD products available to consumers, including oils, creams, vapes, and bath bombs; it also makes it challenging to decide what to use and where to purchase it. The CBD market, like the dietary supplement market, is still largely unregulated by the FDA. Because of this, purchasing CBD products from a trusted, professional shop and knowing what you're buying are essential. That's why we've created this guide with tips on finding great products, complete with a list of the top CBD shops in St. Louis.


How to Shop for CBD in St. Louis: Tips on Choosing Safe & Effective Products

Because the CBD industry is new and not strictly regulated, you should check for certain characteristics when walking into a local store to verify its trustworthiness. 

  • Does the CBD shop have all permits and licenses required to sell CBD?
  • Is there a wide selection of products so you can find a solution that meets your needs?
  • Does the shop look clean and well-maintained?
  • Has an independent laboratory done reports on the products?
  • Does staff answer questions in a professional, helpful manner? Are they willing to explain things you don't understand? Are they familiar with the products they sell and willing to advise on them?

Aside from the professionalism of the shop, you should also check the CBD products themselves before purchasing them:

  • No matter what CBD product you choose, it should come in sealed packaging with the ingredients and details printed on it. 
  • Reputable shops and sellers will have the THC concentration clearly listed on every product they sell. Usually, CBD products will have less than 0.3%, and if the amount isn't listed or is above the standard amount, be wary. CBD has many health benefits, while THC causes intoxication.
  • Verify the source of the CBD used in the product. Where is the grower located? Colorado is often considered to produce the most high-quality products, while if it is imported from overseas, it isn't subject to state or federal testing. Check to see if the grower has a positive reputation within the industry. Sometimes searching online will turn up results as well. Many companies will have information on their website on how they cultivate, process, and extract their CBD. 
  • Review the Certificate of Analysis from the independent laboratory that tested the product. The report should list specific information, including confirmation of the THC concentration and a report on any contaminates found.

Best CBD Shops in St. Louis

If you prefer to shop in person at local stores rather than online, we have put together a list of reputable CBD shops in St. Louis for you. Some of these stores also offer online shopping with in-store or curbside pick-up, which makes it easy to research them online before heading to the store. If you like their products in-store, you can also have them delivered the next time you buy.

CBD Kratom
3161 Morganford Road St Louis, MO 63116 (314) 202-8330
CBD Kratom has a full spectrum of Kratom and CBD products, including oils, edibles, skincare, and pet products, and experienced staff to help choose the best items for you.
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Prefer to have CBD delivered to your Door?

Prefer to have CBD delivered to your Door?

You don't have to leave your house to pick your preferred products! When you purchase CBD online, the products you choose can be shipped to your doorstep. Looking at online retailers can widen your search area if you love a particular company or seek a specific item.

Some of the benefits of shopping with us include:

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Some of the benefits of shopping with us include:

Total transparency about all of our products and batch results.
Our CBD products are third-party lab tested to ensure you receive the highest quality CBD guaranteed!
Honestly labeled, non-GMO, and grown in the United States via natural farming practices, our CBD products are derived and manufactured from industrial hemp extract.
We have over 38,000 5-Star reviews from satisfied customers.