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#Goals For Your Scrolls: Spotlight on Social Media Wellness

Written By Emily Loss Aug 25th 2023
Table Of Contents
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Hi everyone! Emily Loss here.I’m a Senior Brand Manager here, with a focus on social media and our influencer program.

We wanted to compile a list of noteworthy humans that are spreading important, education-filled and meaningful messages in their respective industries. We believe that health and wellness is all-encompassing and goes so much further than what you put into your body, and how you move it, but also who you surround yourself with, and the places that you frequent.  

Your nutrition, family, movement, community and propensity to play and have fun all go hand in hand with a healthy and happy life.  

Social media can be such a wonderful tool to connect and learn. With that in mind, we wanted to shine the spotlight on these individuals and give you a resource-packed shortlist of who we think "giving a follow" would add some goodness to your life. 

We have divided these health and wellness personalities into four categories: Integrative Nutrition; Optimal Human; Parenting; and Travel & Exploration. Click each influencer’s name to visit their website or social profile for more info! 

Integrative Nutrition 

An integrative nutrition influencer combines principles of nutrition therapy with integrative and functional principles to provide counseling, education, and guidance for personalized, whole-foods-based diet and lifestyle recommendations. This type of teacher focuses on the underlying causes rather than just treating the symptoms. 

Optimal Human 

An optimal human influencer is very focused on moving your body, and physical fitness in combination with tending to your mental health and wellbeing. They do whatever it takes to operate at an optimal output, and prioritize things like sleep, hydration, movement and time outside in nature. They are all about longevity and doing everything you can do to nourish your body for the long haul. 


Parenting influencers have a parenting style that is approachable and not intimidating. They share snapshot into their daily lives, and give tips and tricks around things like sneaking more veggies into your kids' diets, how to get your kids on a sleeping schedule that benefits the entire household, and how to have a nontoxic and more natural household when it comes to cleaning products etc. They are the unsung heroes who make other parents feel not so alone. 

Travel & Exploration 

A travel influencer generates top-quality content about their favorite trips, dream destinations, and travel strategies. They share ways to save money and also hidden gems, & tips about how to travel like a local. Travel influencers are highly aspirational and inspire people to travel to destinations that they were wondering about, or had never heard of before.