What Are The Side Effects Of CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 60 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in a cannabis plant. Unlike Tethrahydocannabdiol (THC), known for its psychoactive elements, CBD is non-intoxicating and can offer relief and 25mg CBD Capsules from Hemp CBD Oil at The CBDistillerybenefits without the disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria. The majority of information on the Internet today, highlights the potential benefits of CBD, but are there known side effects that users should be aware of and is there a limit to how much CBD one person can safely consume?

The Potential Side Effects of CBD

Multiple studies, published as early as 1980, suggest that CBD has minimal side effects and is overall safe for consumption. Nonetheless, consumers should be made aware of any known, potential drawbacks of something you are putting in your body. Below, we discuss the findings from each recorded study and review on the safety and known side effects of CBD.

1980 Study in Pharmacology

On January 3, 1980, Pharmacology published their findings conducted during a study in which they tested eight healthy volunteers and 15 patients with epilepsy, looking at the side effects of CBD when consumed daily for a month. Their reported conclusions were, ‘All patients and volunteers tolerated CBD very well and no signs of toxicity or serious side effects were detected on examination.’

International Journal of Neuroscience

In 1986, oral doses, ranging from 100 to 600 mg per day of cannabidiol were given to 5 patients with dystonic movement disorders. In addition to recording specific benefits, this study also uncovered mild side effects of CBD such as hypotension, dry mouth, psychomotor slowing, lightheadedness, and sedation. It is also noteworthy, that during this study 2 patients given CBD in doses over 300 mg per day seemed to aggravate their Parkinson’s symptoms. Yet in 2014 a separate paper described how CBD significantly improves the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease.

Safety and Side Effects of Cannabidiol

Most recently in 2011, a review on the safety and side effects of cannabidiol, found that CBD might interfere with the hepatic drug metabolism, alteration of in vitro cell viability, decreased fertilization capacity or the reduced activity of p-glycoprotein. Has a pharmacist or doctor ever told you not to drink or eat grapefruit while taking a prescription medication? Grapefruit and CBD have a similar effect on P450, an enzyme found in the liver, which metabolizes different kinds of drugs in the human body. If taken in large doses, CBD can inhibit the metabolizing properties of P450, temporarily neutralizing the effects of other medicinal products in the body’s system. This side effect is also responsible for why cannabidiol counteracts the effects of THC.

2006 Study Argentinian Study

In 2006 a group of scientist hypothesized that there are cannabinoid receptors in human’s salivary glands. In fact, their hypothesis was correct, which is most likely the reason that one of the previously discovered side effects of CBD is what’s commonly known as cotton-mouth. When CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it inhibits the secretion of saliva, thus leaving some users with a dry sensation in their mouth.

Can you overdose on CBD?

Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are known to be non-toxic, with no known fatal overdose levels ever reported. The previously mentioned study from 2011 indicated that chronic use and high doses up to 1,500 mg/day of CBD are reportedly well tolerated in humans. The Department of Health and Human Services states, ‘no signs of toxicity or serious side effects have been observed following chronic administration of cannabidiol to healthy volunteers (Cunha et al., Pharmacology 21:127-185, 1980), even in large acute doses of 700 mg/day (Consroe et al., Pharmacol, Biochem, Behav. 40:701-708, 1991).’

As you can see, there is evidence that supports CBD being a safe substance with minor side effects. We want to hear from you. Have you ever experienced side effects from using CBD? Please leave comments below.

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21 thoughts on “What Are The Side Effects Of CBD?”

  1. What if any are the side affects using the salve? Does it linger in your blood stream so that if you have a lab tests done for a possible job, it shows up as having taken drugs?

    1. Hi Gay, Our Isolate has absolutely no THC and our Tinctures contain less than 0.3%. However, We are unable to legally state whether or not one of our customers will pass a drug test for any of our products. If that is a concern, I would recommend doing some further research at ProjectCBD.org, before making the decision to consume any CBD products. Please feel free to email sales@thecbdistillery.com if you have any additional questions 🙂

  2. I tried the medical marijuana which had the THC in it and did not like the feeling. Then I found this web site with pure CBD and have used CBD regularly. I was on five different pain relieving medications which messed up my liver. CBD has saved me from further ***** ****** as well as *********** my ****. The only side effect I have is dry mouth. I highly recommend this product and CBDistillary!

  3. Yes it sounds to me like the cookies you ate were marijuana edibles I have a gluten intolerance and rhumatoid arthritis and I have been using CBD oils orally for 2+ months now and I am amazed at how my ***** **** and ***** ***** (from menopause) have almost completely subsided. I do not use products containing THC and have been warned about edibles and their side effects if you are not a a regular user. CBD by itself is what you should be using

    1. The key for me was to use “full spectrum” CBD made from the pot plant, not the “isolate” from hemp. I’ve heard people get good results from 10-15mg /day. Personally I take 25, but I am heavy. It works quickly, but also builds up over time.

  4. Are you sure the cookies you ate contained only CBD and not THC? I have never heard of “edibles” made with pure CBD and am surprised you were affected like this if they were. I am sorry for your horrrlible experience.

    1. Hi Pat, we are not legally able to give dosage advice. If you have any additional questions about a specific product, please email sales@thecbdistillery 🙂

    2. I use the 1000mg in a 30ml bottle that I make myself using the CBD isolate powder by mixing the PG and powder, then I double boil it for about 20 minutes then I add in VG and flavoring. The bottle I use has a little glass stick in it that I use to place some under my tongue. I typically do about 2-3 dips of the stick under my tongue every 4-5 hours and I am perfectly great.

  5. I agree, I am thinking that maybe something during the Thanksgiving dinner might have been the cause. Things just don’t add up in that story with the properties of what CBD does / can do, especially considering it has anti-nausea properties.

  6. I have RA and I have been scintillating on the CBD but I’m not sure which one to use I didn’t realize it came in different ways…ease can you tell me which product one would use for RA?

    1. Hi Kristi,

      Thank you for your comment. Legally, we are unable to make product recommendations based on a certain condition, but would highly suggest doing some research at ProjectCBD.org. If you have specific questions regarding our products, please feel free to send us an email (sales@thecbdistillery.com) and we would be happy to assist you further.

  7. Im sorry to hear that, but unfortunately that is a good possibility, People who generally don’t ingest think they can handle it, simply put, inhalation absorption rate is about 15% and goes directly into the blood stream, and to the brain, where ingestion has a 40% absorption rate, goes through the liver before the blood stream and gives you a body stoning, as well as whatever you ingest with it is amplified, ex. one beer is like 3 to 7 beers, or one coffee is like 3 to 7. All that is good is that you can’t die, but you can be extremely sick.

  8. I’m so confused about how to dose CBD. Most of the studies I see, including those referenced here, are using hundreds of milligrams. It’s almost impossible to get any real guidance on how to dose. I’ve found little pain relief from doses ranging from 1-100 mg/day and I don’t know very many people who could possibly afford to take more than that a day over the long term due to the high cost. The disconnect between the dosing in the literature and the products commercially available is always frustrating.

    1. You will have to determine what dose works for you. I also cannot afford to take high enough doses for ****** **** but vaping small doses, 30 to 60 mg per day eases ***********************.

      Hopefully, as the market matures and production begins to meet demand, the price will come down. Right now it’s around $30 per gram but when it gets to around $5 – $10 per gram folks will really begin to enjoy the benefits.

  9. Don’t heat the product. It is not meant to be heated!

    Use it as drops under your tongue. You are doing the right thing to wait until your mouth has recovered.

    This is a medication not a recreational substance. Hope it helps your anxiety.

  10. Where is CBD 30 bucks a gram?
    60 to 70 bucks a 1/2 gram here in southern US. That’s . 5 for 60 bucks. Insane when sciatica is so debilitating.

  11. I recently purchased the 1000mg tincture from CBDistillery. It was my first purchase and use of CBD ever. The product mildly helps with pain, though only for a short period of time. It also seems to rob me of what is a sharp, focused mind prior to taking the oil. I feel nauseous, though it’s very little nausea; it’s still noticeable, nevertheless. My eyes feel slightly disturbed and heavy as one would feel after smoking cannabis, just not to an equally great degree. A noticeable positive, is that I now sleep like a corpse; deep…deep sleep, so that’s cool. Of course, I didn’t really have a sleep issue to begin with. So, considering how expensive the product is, and how quickly one can go through it, to me, the pros do not currently outweigh the cons. I want them to, but they simple don’t. Again, I’ve never bought from anyone else but CBDistillery, but even with that said, I don’t suspect anyone can outdo them. I believe they make a quality product, but sadly, it just doesn’t seem to be best for me. Thanks though guys. – BTW…shipping was STUPID fast. – A+ on that note.

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