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Albee Layer | Pro Surfer


Albee Layer is truly one of a kind. Hailing from Maui’s North Shore, he is a boundary-pushing charger who has flipped the script on the sport of surfing in both big and small waves in his quest to evolve the sport. Whether you catch him blasting airs in a wave pool or charging massive waves at Jaws, Albee’s incredibly progressive, go-for-broke style is as authentic and raw as it gets, producing content that is true to his opinionated, passionate heart.

Not every surfer will have the skills and opportunity to pioneer a new aerial maneuver and land in the NY Times Sports Section, only to have it be publicly dissected by the Action Sports Elite including Tony Hawk and Kelly Slater. Albee has the vision and talent to continue progress the sport of surfing, but it is safe to say he’ll be doing it on his own terms.

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I've heard about this CBD craze for a while now It wasn't till I went through two hip surgeries that I really gave it a chance and have LOVED the results, excited to back products that make my life better on a daily basis.

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Albee Layer | Pro Surfer
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Albee Layer | Pro Surfer
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