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4 Tips for Following Through on New Year’s Eve Wellness Resolutions

Written By Ellese Symons Jul 13th 2022
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The New Year is an exciting time, and resolutions are an opportunity to start the next one-off right. Since resolutions are so often health and wellness goals, it’s important that we stay focused on resolutions more than just a couple of months. New Year’s resolutions can be tough to keep up with, but with the right strategies, they’re achievable! Try incorporating hemp-derived CBD capsules into an exercise regimen or not going it alone.

Use the Buddy System

Other people can prove invaluable for resolution success. An example is teaming up with a supportive buddy with a similar resolution—providing each other encouragement, motivation, and general moral support. Additionally, if you feel comfortable doing so, share your resolution plan on social media. That provides a platform for both group support and for reporting progress made, setbacks, accomplishments, and other insights. You may even inspire others to do the same.

Make Hemp-Derived CBD Part of Your Wellness Resolution

Even with support, there can be days when you’re just not feeling it. Skipping exercise, physical activity, a healthy meal, or whatever your resolution “just for today” tends to become a few “todays” in a row. Before long, it’s just a resolution not happening. Consider complementing whatever your resolution goal with a hemp-derived CBD tincture oil. CBD is non-intoxicating and binds with receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). As the ECS regulates bodily functions like mood, pleasure, pain, motor function, appetite, and much more, that can prove a good boost.

Choose Specific and Manageable Resolutions

Keep in mind that if resolutions begin as vows to make major changes in multiple areas of your life, it’s a pretty surefire recipe for disappointment. Make the resolutions manageable and realistic. Many advise making just one resolution period. When that has been successful, another can be added. Part of that manageability is making the resolution specific. Rather than, “I’m going to exercise more,” go for, “I’m going to go to the gym for half an hour twice a week.”

Be Flexible and Be Forgiving

The goal of New Year’s resolutions is to improve your life. For instance, people virtually always feel better and feel better about themselves when they’re healthy and fit. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up for it. Instead, commit to making up for it at the next opportunity. If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s life’s unpredictability. Seeing a resolution through often requires being flexible and adaptable, and seeing a resolution through is a great feeling.