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Ask an Expert: Parents Edition

Written By Adrian Crawford Jun 22nd 2023
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Here at CBDistillery® we know that taking charge of your health and wellness is a daunting task and it's sometimes overwhelming to know whose recommendations to rely upon.

Transparency is key to our approach in every aspect of our business, which is why we wanted to introduce a series of conversations with CBDistillery® staff as well as other experts in their fields. We hope that these conversations will offer more information about our company and products and help foster trust in our products.

This time around, however, all bets are off. With summer break in full swing, who better to speak with than my coworkers who are fellow parents? Let’s find out their favorite parenting hacks to make it through those long summer days. 

Ellese Symons, Senior Vice President of Marketing

My golden nugget of parenting wisdom: have your kids fit into your life and the things you love to do and not the other way around.

Let me be real with you. Park benches and jungle gyms aren't exactly my cup of tea. Sure, we hit the local playground occasionally to conquer those monkey bars, but it's not the be-all and end-all of my parenting existence. Instead, my husband and I have actively involved our little ones in the activities we love like golfing, skiing, swimming, dining, and so much more. By involving our kids, we haven’t had to give up those things we’ve always loved to do, while also opening up our kids' worlds!

But be mindful—you need to embrace the chaos that comes with bringing a toddler to the golf course or a fancy restaurant. Think of it as diving headfirst into a wild, laughter-filled whirlwind that adds a bit more flavor to your life. It absolutely has for my husband and I and makes us feel like we haven't lost our identities as the young, fun, and crazy kids we used to be!

Luna Miller, Customer Service Lead

I always grab a few extra packages of glow sticks when I see them at the store. I throw a few different colors in the bathtub, turn off the lights and pop on a funky playlist! "Dance party bath time" is a ton of fun for all of us and makes a normal night feel special.

Adrian Crawford, Content Strategist

As much as I know that 'the experts' say an hour of screen time per day is the absolute limit for young kids, lest you cook their little brains, sometimes it's inevitable that the TV will go on to occupy my little one after naptime while mom's at work and I still have a couple hours' worth of emails to write for CBDistillery®. The tough part is turning the TV off at the end of the work day without causing a meltdown, but lately I've managed to smooth the transition from "TV time" to "playtime with dad" by suggesting we role play as the characters from whichever Disney+ show is the flavor of the month.

That way we get to run around the backyard emulating kitty superheroes (or whomever), burn some energy and use some creativity at the same time. Maybe it's a long shot, but hopefully This One Small Trick works for you as well as it does for me!

RaeLynn Watson, Retail Marketing Manager

Have a laundry chute in your office so the kids can bug you discreetly during meetings. (Editor's note: A picture speaks a thousand words.)