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Better Together: Introducing The Synergy Collection by CBDistillery™

Written By Ellese Symons Jul 13th 2022
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Synergistic plant elements produce a more potent effect when combined than any single component might deliver on its own. CBDistillery™ is one of the first companies (if not the first) to offer a selection of CBD products enhanced with higher concentrations of some of the most intriguing minor cannabinoids found in natural hemp extracts. While many CBD users appreciate the synergistic contributions of our efforts, we are just getting started.

In our new Synergy Collection, you’ll find an impressive selection of products spanning four health and wellness categories. Each new addition to our product line marries the health and wellness potential of our pure, potent hemp extracts with a range of functional ingredients selected for specific contributions, their synergistic impact.

We developed the Synergy Collection to convey the multitude of benefits offered by hemp plants – beyond CBD. Each product contains CBD alongside other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBG, and CBN, in addition to complementary ingredients such as functional mushrooms (non-hallucinogenic) and kava root. The combination of these ingredients and cannabinoids enhances the Entourage Effect, allowing consumers the ability to select products based on their needs and product benefits rather than having to combine various supplements to achieve a desired effect.

Why Pair Hemp-Derived CBD with Functional Supplements?

Every person is unique; we all have different needs. Although most CBD users report favorable results using our hemp-derived CBD products for better sleep, pain and stiffness after physical activity, and relaxation, we wanted to give consumers more options, products tailored for specific needs, so we did.

The CBD in our new Synergy Collection works as it always does. This non-intoxicating plant element interacts with important receptors regulating nearly every crucial function in your body, the receptors of your endocannabinoid system (ECS). The impact of that interaction depends on which essential processes might be restored to balance (homeostasis) through ECS support.1 That hasn’t changed. It’s the functional botanicals and supplements we’ve selected to enhance the health and wellness potential of our cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts that makes this new collection special.

What Products Are Featured in the Synergy Collection?

In each of the four product categories in The Synergy Collection by CBDistillery™, you’ll find a range of ingredients selected to enhance your CBD experience. Some of the CBD products in our Synergy Collection feature higher concentrations of specific cannabinoids. Others are infused with functional supplements. As you browse the products in each category, consider how you might benefit from any number of these synergistic components.

Raw Synergy

If you’ve been craving a bold, robust CBD product to use at any time during the day, consider how you might benefit from Raw Synergy. The impact of this CBDA-enhanced formula could easily outperform your current favorite because CBDA is the rawest form of cannabidiol you’ll find. While the only way to know how you might feel after using CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) is to try it, research investigating the possible benefits confirms significant potency-maximizing potential.

Raw CBDA + CBD 1:1 Tincture – 1000mg

CBDistillery™ Raw Synergy CBDA + CBD 1:1 Tincture gives you 500 mg of our pure, potent CBD oil, plus 500 mg of CBDA. Enhancing our full spectrum CBD with CBDA provides a robust terpene profile and bold flavor.

Based on what the research shows so far, the combined effects of CBDA and CBD are considerably more potent than CBD on its own because of the way CBDA helps maximize the contributions of each of the many plant terpenes, flavonoids, and other minor cannabinoids. Together, they create an enhanced “entourage effect.” Current investigations also show a direct impact on serotonin production, the neurotransmitter that helps with metabolism, energy levels, and emotional regulation.2

Daytime Synergy

If you’re not convinced that our CBDA-infused tincture is your best option, consider how your system might respond to starting your day with a delicious CBD drink mix, a CBG-infused tincture, or orange-flavored gummies from our Daytime Synergy options. The following CBD products are formulated with a range of synergistic ingredients selected specifically for use as needed throughout the day.

Daytime Synergy CBG + CBD 1:1 Tinctures

Daytime Synergy Tinctures by CBDistillery™ combine the health and wellness potential of our full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, plus the additional benefits of CBG (cannabigerol), the highly potent “mother” of all cannabinoids. A 30 ml bottle of our regular strength Daytime Synergy Tincture gives you 500mg of CBG and 500mg of CBD.

Our extra-strength Daytime Synergy formula gives you the same 1:1 CBG to CBD ratio, but you’ll get 1000mg of each cannabinoid in every bottle. For fast results, hold the tincture under your tongue for 45-60 seconds before swallowing.

Daytime Synergy CBG + CBD 1:1 Gummies

Daytime Synergy Gummies by CBDistillery™ are the perfect travel companion because each delicious gummy gives you a pre-measured serving of hemp-derived cannabinoids. We think you’ll enjoy how the natural orange flavor complements the terpene profile of our full spectrum hemp extracts. Each flavorful gummy gives you 15mg of CBG and 15 mg of CBD, an amount of each cannabinoid that works well for most CBD users. You get 30 gummy supplements in each portable bottle. We recommend indulging in our Daytime Synergy Gummies any time you need relief and relaxation.

Daytime Synergy Drink Mix

Daytime Synergy Drink Mix by CBDistillery™ gives you a proprietary blend of our broad spectrum CBD (25mg), vitamin C (60mg), COQ10 (coenzyme Q10), and caffeine (10mg). The delicious orange flavor of our energy-boosting formula could be the perfect way to kick-start your day. Simply add the contents of a packet to a bottle (or glass) of water. To help maintain mind and body balance, we recommend enjoying 1-2 servings of our synergy drink mix daily. When you choose broad spectrum CBD products, the THC is reduced to non-detectable levels during extraction and processing.

Sleep Synergy

Sleep deprivation can leave you feeling irritable, tense, and unfocused. Although just about any high-quality CBD product could help you sleep better, consider how the following Sleep Synergy products in our Synergy Collection could take the sleep-promoting potential of our hemp-derived CBD products to the next level.

Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD Tinctures

Get ready to kiss those sleepless nights goodbye! CBDistillery™ Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD Sleep Tinctures are specifically formulated to help you get the rest you deserve. Each bottle of our regular strength Sleep Synergy Tincture gives you 150mg of CBN and 450mg of CBD.

Our extra-strength formula contains 300mg of CBN and 900mg of CBD. Of the many minor cannabinoids in raw hemp extracts, CBN (cannabinol) is well-known for promoting rest and relaxation. The convenient bulbed dropper makes it easy to adjust your serving sizes as needed.

Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD 1:3 Gummies

Like our Sleep Synergy Tinctures, Sleep Synergy CBN + CBD 1:3 Gummies by CBDistillery™ give you the sleep-promoting potential of CBN, plus the vast array of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes found in our full spectrum hemp extracts. You’re sure to love how the distinctive taste of elderberry complements the natural terpene profile of our cannabinoid-rich hemp extract. Each 30mg gummy sleep supplement gives you a 1:3 ratio of CBN to CBD and only trace amounts of THC. We think you’ll appreciate how these active plant elements work together to help you get the rest you deserve.

Sleep Synergy Drink Mix

Sleep Synergy Drink Mix by CBDistillery™ gives you the sleep-promoting potential of CBD without the 0.3% THC you’ll find in full spectrum products. Each single-serving packet gives you 25mg of our pure, potent broad-spectrum extracts. You’ll also get valerian root, L-theanine, and chamomile, supplements known to have considerable sleep-promoting potential on their own. It’s the chamomile extract in our drink mix that gives this proprietary blend its enticing flavor. Simply pour, stir, sip, and sleep. With 10 pre-measured packets per box, our sleep synergy drink mix is great for home use and travel.

Wellness Synergy

The communication between your ECS messengers and receptors helps regulate everything from your moods, emotions, and cognitive function to inflammatory responses and muscle movement. If you’re currently using CBD to help support overall health and wellness, consider how the following Wellness Synergy products in our new collection might contribute to your efforts.

Functional Synergy Focus Blend Mushroom Capsules – 15mg CBG + 15 mg CBD

Functional Synergy CBG + CBD Focus Mushroom Blend Capsules by CBDistillery™ are formulated to help boost energy, improve focus, and enhance cognitive function. Each capsule gives you 15mg of CBG, 15 mg of CBD, 300mg of lion’s mane, and 300mg of cordyceps, non-hallucinogenic functional fungi with significant health and wellness potential. Current studies show that lion’s mane could help support brain function, while cordyceps is most often used for energy and endurance.3 We recommend taking 1-2 capsules of our Functional Synergy Focus Blend daily. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Functional Synergy Unwind Blend Mushroom Capsules – 5 mg CBN + 15mg CBD

Functional Synergy CBN + CBD Unwind Mushroom Blend Capsules by CBDistillery™ marries the symbiotic nature of our full spectrum CBD oil with CBN and the power of a unique blend of non-hallucinogenic functional mushrooms. In addition to our hemp-derived cannabinoids, each unwind capsule gives you 300mg of reishi fruiting body extract and 300mg of changa fruiting body extract, mushrooms with adaptogenic properties shown to help promote relaxation and sleep.4,5 The natural botanicals in this nighttime formula could help you decompress after a stressful day so you can get the rest you need for a better tomorrow. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Calm Synergy 30 mg CBD + 400mg Kava Root Capsules

Calm Synergy CBD + Kava Root Capsules by CBDistillery™ are specifically formulated to help promote a sense of calm and relaxation. As the CBD, additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids in our full-spectrum hemp oil help support ECS function, the kava root could help give you a sense of peace and tranquility.6 Each capsule gives you 30mg of CBD and 400mg of kava root (piper methysticum) extract, an amount of each botanical that seems to work well for most people. We generally recommend 1-2 capsules per day while at home or on-the-go.

Are You Ready to Experience the Impact of Synergy?

All CBDistillery™ products are sourced from naturally cultivated crops, and third-party tested. As a respected industry leader, we’ve always provided high-quality, fairly priced hemp-derived CBD products. Our new Synergy Collection enhances the many possible benefits of ECS support with a range of additional cannabinoids and functional supplements selected to enhance your overall experience.

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve learned so far but aren’t quite sure how you might benefit from CBD, visit CBDistillery™ to download The Ultimate CBD User Guide or take our CBD Quiz. Then take a moment to browse our selection of products and discover the Synergy Collection today. You can verify our commitment to quality by viewing the third-party test results on our product pages or scanning the QR code on your product label.

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