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Bold New Look. Same Great CBD.

Written By Ellese Symons Oct 2nd 2023
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Are you ready to find the feeling you’re seeking? 

Here at CBDistillery®, we’ve always been focused on delivering products that offer benefits tailored to your wellness needs. From our earliest days, it’s been our mission to make CBD accessible to everybody, because we know firsthand how much wellness potential the cannabis plant harnesses. 

If you’re reading this, you’ve already noticed that our website looks different to the way it did yesterday, or last week, or the last time you visited us.  

We want to assure you that while beauty may be skin-deep, and our logo, products and packaging now have a fresh look, what’s inside remains the same: Carefully distilled wellness solutions featuring high-quality CBD and other hemp-derived compounds to help support your mind and body. 

Distilling What Matters 

So what’s behind our new look? To distill it down to its essence (forgive the pun), we want to help you feel your best so you can give your best every day. 

In a world where people face a relentless barrage of marketing, social media, and so called Next Big Things, we want to distill things down to their essence. To remove distractions, filter out the noise, and concentrate on what really matters. And what really matters to us is helping people feel their best, so they can give their best, every day.   

 At CBDistillery™, our expert botanists distill hemp to its purest essence and create targeted formulations to help people calibrate their health. No fluff. No fillers. Just pure, effective cannabinoid products, expertly crafted in Colorado.   

Find Your Feeling 

We get it – it can feel intimidating to see a change in the appearance of the products you’ve come to rely on. As we mentioned above, the contents remains the same! But to shed a little further light on our new look, here’s how we’ve reorganized our product categories to be more focused on the benefits they offer to you. 

The Name: Shhh 
The Feeling: Feel yourself settle in for deep sleep. 
What it Offers: No more racing thoughts. No more tossing and turning. Put the stress of the day behind you and settle in. Quiet your mind and relax into slumber. Support your natural sleep cycle tonight and feel refreshed tomorrow so you can live life distilled.   


The Name: Ahhh 
The Feeling: Feel your tension slip away. 
What it Offers: Relief your body craves. Chill when you need it. Waves of calm for your mind and body. Relief, relaxation and recovery for the next day, naturally. Achieve mental and physical wellness. Live your life distilled. 


The Name: Oooh 
The Feeling: Feel your body melt like butter. 
What it Offers: Ready when you need it. Relief your body craves after a tough workout or a long day. Perfect for your gym bag or carry-on luggage. No mess, no stress, just easy application to soothe the areas you target. Carefully distilled from high-quality CBD for wellness on the go. 


The Name: Ommm 
The Feeling: Feel your mental balance return. 
What it Offers: For the mind that’s always working. Unwind, focus or lift your spirits with CBD. Minor cannabinoids delivering major wellness benefits. Get the mental clarity you need to give it your best. Stress less, decompress and live life distilled. 


The Name: Wag 
The Feeling: Feel your furry friend’s joy for life. 
What it Offers: Man’s best friend deserves the wellness benefits of CBD as well. Say farewell to fireworks-related stress. Have them running like a youngster again. Put the wag back in that tail. Because our furry friends should live life distilled too. 


Make sense? We hope you love the idea as much as we do. And as always, we’re here for you to answer questions or address concerns you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact our hard-working Customer Service team at customersupport@thecbdistillery.com if there’s anything we can help you with. 

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