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CBD for Athletes: How to Recover Like UFC Fighter Michelle Waterson

Written By Ellese Symons Jul 13th 2022
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I love to use my CBDistillery gummies to help me recover. It puts my mind and body at ease, bringing everything back into balance.”

~Michelle Waterson, UFC Women’s Strawweight Competitor

Professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts understand the importance of physical training to build muscle, increase physical strength, and perfect their form. Surprisingly, many fail to recognize the benefits of allowing their body the opportunity to rest and recover after an intense workout.

Today, we see an increasing number of professional athletes who consider CBD essential to achieving their fitness goals. UFC Women’s Strawweight Competitor Michelle Waterson is one of a growing number of elite athletes who appreciates the many potential benefits of CBD for restoring essential balance and enhancing her post-workout recovery.

The Potential to Enhance Athletic Recovery

To fully appreciate the recovery enhancing potential of non-psychoactive hemp CBD, it helps to understand what CBD is and how this natural supplement interacts with your body.

CBD is just one of the many plant-based cannabinoids found in hemp oil. Hemp-source CBD mimics the messengers of the communication system that influences nearly every essential function in your body.

While your body makes the messengers of this fascinating system, the stress and strain of an intense workout can deplete your supply faster than your body creates them. Without enough messengers (neurotransmitters) to interact with the receptors, this communication network, your endocannabinoid system, can’t function efficiently.

The messengers of your endocannabinoid system (cannabinoids) are so vital to your health and wellbeing that many researchers believe that endocannabinoid deficiencies might contribute to certain ailments.

Since the CBD in hemp oil mimics the functions of your naturally occurring neurotransmitters, CBD has the potential to restore balance to this essential communication system. Because endocannabinoid support can benefit so many of the functions involved in performance and recovery, it’s easy to see why so many athletes have incorporated non-psychoactive hemp oil into their fitness routine.

Beyond the Potential Physical Benefits

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a physically and mentally challenging sport. Considered one of the most exciting, dynamic full contact combat sports, a hybrid of sorts, MMA fighters use a combination of a variety of martial art techniques to achieve dominance over their competitors. Because the sport includes punching, kicks, throws, holds, and takedowns, training is intensive and extensive.

When asked what’s most important to her when recovering from a hard day of training or a difficult fight, Waterson says it’s important that she gives herself permission to rest, adding that it’s easy for athletes to get trapped into the belief that training harder than their competitors will give them the advantage.

“Imagine trying to race a car when it’s tank is on empty. That’s exactly what you are doing when you don’t give your body the rest it needs after a hard day of training”.

Waterson carefully considers the impact of her choices, “Allowing your body time to rest is equally as important as pushing your body to its limits. Only when you allow your body to recover, will you be able to reap the full benefits of your efforts.”

Recovering Like a Professional Athlete

Michelle Waterson is one of many professional athletes who tells us that CBD is an important part of their training and post-competition recovery program. While vigorous exercise increases muscle strength and endurance, the microscopic muscle injuries created by intense physical activity can cause muscle pain, joint stiffness, and a temporary reduction in muscle strength that can derail an effective workout.

You don’t need to live the lifestyle of a professional athlete to appreciate the many potential benefits of hemp CBD. Whether you have recently begun a workout program or are destined to dominate your sport of choice, CBD has the potential to support your fitness and recovery efforts.

Michelle also acknowledges that preparing for a fight can be mentally taxing, ‟it’s hard to shut your mind off when all you want to do is win!” But this UFC competitor finds that CBD allows her to “let go” of her thoughts so she can relax, rest, and recover. “It ultimately helps you get in the zone.”

When asking Michelle Waterson what she does to recover and avoid injury, she responded, “When your body is balanced and your mind is sharp, there is less risk of injury, this is where CBD comes into place. CBD brings your body and mind into balance without any other side effects that might slow your progress down as an athlete”.

Experiencing the Fitness Recovery Potential of Hemp CBD

To learn more about the potential health benefits of hemp CBD, download the Ultimate CBD User Guide at CBDistillery. We offer a wide range of hemp-derived products including CBD gummies, capsules, tinctures, and CBD vape products. All CBDistillery products are derived from non-GMO hemp grown using organic farming methods and verified by an independent lab. With access to the batch test results, you can verify the purity and potency of every product we offer.