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Celebrating CBD Awareness Day with CBDistillery®

Written By Ellese Symons Jul 13th 2022
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Awareness days bring important movements center stage and inspire meaningful conversations. Over time, observing awareness days can help change attitudes, clarify common misconceptions, and keep that progress moving in the right direction. Friday, April 16, is National CBD Awareness Day.

Having a day set aside to promote education, highlight the latest industry research, share verified user testimonials, and shine the national spotlight on the #CBDMOVEMENT™ helps us, and those who share our enthusiasm for CBD, reach a significant number of people who could benefit.

Why Promote and Celebrate CBD Awareness Day?

Current research shows that nearly 90 percent of the people in our country know about CBD, well, heard of it anyway. That number is quite remarkable considering how few people knew about the cannabinoid just a few years ago, a fact worth celebrating. But that’s just one number we need to consider.

Although the CBD industry has experienced considerable growth in a relatively short amount of time, recent investigations show that fewer than 20% of the people who are aware of CBD have tried it.1 That’s a huge discrepancy. Why is there such a large gap? Because there’s still a lot of confusion and many misconceptions about CBD use.

According to a survey published just over a year ago, nearly 40% of those responding still believe that CBD and marijuana are one and the same. More than half mistakenly believe the cannabinoid causes intoxication. A similar consumer survey revealed that nearly half (45%) of the people intrigued by the cannabinoid’s health and wellness potential felt they didn’t know enough about CBD to make an informed decision.2,3 While sales increases suggest health-conscious consumers are embracing CBD, survey results like these confirm that people still have concerns that we, as an industry, need to address.

Why Is CBDistillery® So Committed to CBD Awareness and Consumer Education?

We founded National CBD Awareness Day in 2019 because we understand that boosting consumer awareness is essential if we want to help those most likely to benefit from our products. When our company was founded in 2016, it was clear that the emerging CBD industry was over-run with overpriced, inferior products unlikely to be of any significant benefit. Far too many people were being taken advantage of.

We knew we could do better. From the start, we’ve been on an unwavering mission to be the premier source of high-quality, fairly priced CBD and consumer education, the type of information people can rely on to help them make informed health and wellness decisions. Today, CBDistillery® is a reputable industry leader with more than 2 million satisfied customers.

It’s been clear from the beginning that one of the most difficult obstacles in our path was the stigma associated with cannabis use. To overcome that stigma and clear the confusion, we needed to ensure that people understood the differences between hemp and marijuana, knew why hemp-derived CBD does not cause intoxication, and understood the many potential benefits of supporting overall health and wellness with hemp-derived products.

Promoting CBD Awareness With Educational Resources From CBDistillery®

Whether you’ve been using hemp-derived CBD products for years or have just begun your journey, there are many ways to actively participate in the #CBDMOVEMENT™ on CBD Awareness Day. Since so many people learn about hemp-derived CBD from friends and family members, your efforts could have a significant impact on the overall health and wellness of those most likely to benefit.

Based on data collected from nearly 2000 CBDistillery® customers, adults of all ages are using our hemp-derived CBD for better sleep, to feel more relaxed, and to ease inflammation, pain, and stiffness after physical activity. If you know someone who might appreciate a little help in either of these areas, consider encouraging them to explore the many educational resources available at CBDistillery®.

Our Free Download – The #1 Resource for CBD Users

Our original CBD User Guide was so successful we knew we were on to something. As proud leaders of the #CBDMOVEMENT™, we’ve updated the content to include even more of the information CBD users were searching for. Today, The Ultimate CBD User Guide is the number one resource for CBD education. This free download now includes a comprehensive product guide, information about how products are made, and advice about the best way to take CBD.


Our #CBDMOVEMENT™ blog is home to hundreds of informative articles featuring answers to important questions about how CBD works, the differences between product types, and the cannabinoid’s health and wellness potential. Updated frequently, readers have easy access to CBD education, industry news, information about our high-quality products, CBD recipes, and more.

Informative CBDMOVEMENT™ podcasts

Our#CBDMOVEMENT™podcasts feature interviews with researchers, government officials, hemp cultivators, and CBD pioneers. CBD Expert Emily Loss, and her guests, tackle tough questions about CBD’s many potential health benefits, evolving regulations, and important differences between the hemp and marijuana industries.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Most people appreciate simple answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CBD. Our FAQ Page provides information about what CBD is, explains how it works, clarifies the differences between cannabis plants, and identifies the important distinctions between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and pure CBD isolate products. You can also head over to our Help Center for more information.

Verified Reviews and Testimonials

While we take great pride in our educational resources, we’ve never underestimated the value of product reviews and user testimonials to the #CBDMOVEMENT™. Many people investigating their options rely on those submissions to determine how they might also benefit from CBD. To ensure transparency, every submission is posted (positive or negative), and each of the 26K+ remarks is verified by an independent third party.

How Will You Celebrate CBD Awareness Day?

Every time you spread awareness about the health and wellness potential of CBD, you’re contributing to the #CBDMOVEMENT™. On April 16th, take a moment to join the CBD conversation on Facebook, comment on Twitter, or send a link to a CBD blog to someone you know who might benefit from our educational resources.

You could also celebrate National CBD Awareness Day by treating yourself to a CBDistillery® product you’ve been wanting to try, ordering a sample pack for a friend, or selecting a bag of Zesty Paws® CBD Soft Chews for your canine companion. To ensure purity and potency, all CBDistillery® products are third-party tested.

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