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New product launch: Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies

Written By Ellese Symons Oct 10th 2022
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Every hour of sleep you lose tossing, turning, and trying to get comfortable can have an increasingly negative impact on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Once stress, physical discomfort, or even seemingly minor changes in routine start keeping you awake, it can be difficult to get your sleep schedule back on track (Gardani et al., 2022). If you could benefit from a natural, plant-sourced solution specifically formulated for better sleep, you're bound to be intrigued by the latest addition to our products line, delicious gummies infused with a precise blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids selected by our expert botanists. To drift off naturally, remain in slumber mode throughout the night, and get the deep, restorative sleep you deserve, try CBDistillery® Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies.

Why Choose Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies?

The first THC-infused product featured in our Synergy+ Collection, CBDistillery® Unwind Synergy+ THC & CBD Gummies, introduced CBD users to the positive aspects of blending high-quality full spectrum hemp extract with just enough hemp-derived delta 9 THC for rest, relaxation, and a mellow buzz. Whether you've been taking advantage of the calming yet uplifting effects of our Unwind Synergy+ Gummies since their initial launch, or exploring your options for the first time, we think you'll find that our new Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies take the sleep-promoting potential of THC & CBD to an entirely new level. You get the same 5:1 CBD to THC ratio, plus enhanced concentrations of CBN (cannabinol), a cannabinoid known for its soothing, somewhat sedating effect (Harris, 2022).   

Like CBD and THC, CBN interacts with the receptors of your endocannabinoid system (ECS), the complex network of chemical messengers and their corresponding receptors regulating nearly every crucial function in your body. The extensive list of processes dependent on ECS signaling includes everything from your moods, emotions, and stress responses to sleep cycle regulation, organ function, and muscle movement (Batista et al., 2013). As the CBD in our sleep-specific formulation supports ECS function in a way that helps maintain essential balance (homeostasis) (Sallaberry & Astern, 2018), the THC & CBN interact with a specific chemical receptor in your brain linked to sleep cycle regulation, CB1 (Murillo-Rodriguez, 2008).   

What Is CBN?

CBN is just one of more than 100 minor cannabinoids in hemp extract, an active plant element typically found in small amounts. Identified years before CBD, cannabis researchers initially believed CBN was responsible for marijuana's intoxicating effects. While that hypothesis was eventually proven false with the identification and isolation of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), those early speculations weren't too far off the mark. Today, CBN is recognized as the cannabinoid that forms when heat and sunlight break down THC (Mechoulam & Hanus, 2000) and alter its molecular composition. While most of the evidence supporting the use of CBN for better sleep is based on lab results, animal tests, and several sleep studies, a growing body of evidence suggests CBN has a soothing, relaxing effect that could also help improve sleep duration. Researchers in the 1970s (Takahashi & Karniol, 1975) determined that CBN amplifies specific attributes of THC as it interacts with some of the plant's many other minor cannabinoids and terpenes (Earlenbaugh, 2021), a concept remarkably similar to a widely accepted theory known today as an "entourage" effect (Nahler et al., 2018).

Will Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies Make Me Feel High?

All CBDistillery® full spectrum CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, including the gummies in our Synergy+ Collection. Although the CBD to THC ratio (20:1) in our full spectrum CBD tinctures, softgels, and gummies ensures there's no risk of intoxication, our new Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies have a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio that can cause what many CBD users describe as an uplifting, yet mellow buzz. Since the enhanced concentrations of delta-9 THC and CBN could cause a level of intoxication or sleepiness you might not expect, we suggest saving your Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies for use at the end of the day when you're ready to relax, unwind, and settle in for the night. We also strongly urge you to enjoy your THC & CBN gummies when you won't be driving or operating machinery.

Why Choose Delta 9 Over Other Types of THC?

Our new CBDistillery® Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies are made with naturally occurring delta 9 THC, the same cannabinoid found in our selection of full spectrum CBD products in lesser amounts. While a detailed analysis of the plant's extract would also confirm small amounts of several other THC analogs, including the delta 8 and delta 10 favored by several other CBD brands, natural hemp extract typically contains little (if any) delta 8, and even less delta 10. To compensate, most companies offering these delta 9 alternatives rely on harsh chemicals and potentially harmful solvents to convert the CBD in their hemp extract to THC, a process that creates a range of synthetic reaction byproducts, elements not found in nature (FDA, 2022). The "unknown constituents" commonly found in tinctures, softgels, and gummies made with synthetic delta 8 THC (and delta 10) can also render third-party test results unreliable (Hudalla, 2021). That's why so many experts in the field, including our botanists, consider naturally occurring delta 9 THC the superior choice.

When Should I Take Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies?

Since the cannabinoids in any hemp-derived edible need time to process through your digestive system before they'll begin circulating through your bloodstream, timing is everything. We suggest taking our new Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBN Gummies about an hour or two before you plan on turning in for the night. We also recommend that first-time users start with half a gummy and wait a minimum of two hours before attempting an additional serving. With experience, you'll have a much better understanding of how your system responds and can adjust the timing and your serving sizes accordingly. While you're sure to find reviews and testimonials from CBD users claiming an impressive range of benefits within hours of using CBD for the first time, everyone is different. It could take time for your system to adapt and respond. As you're waiting, you may find it helpful to know that most of our nearly 2000 survey participants report achieving their best results within 7-14 days of consistent use.

Could CBDistillery® Deep Sleep Synergy+ THC & CBD Gummies Be Right for You?

According to the feedback of our survey respondents, adults of all ages are using CBDistillery® hemp-derived CBD products for pain, stiffness, and inflammation after physical activity, relaxation, and better sleep. Although just about any of our high-quality tinctures, softgels, or gummies could help you get the rest you need to wake feeling refreshed, we think you'll appreciate how this perfectly balanced, rigorously tested blend of cannabinoids makes restless nights feel like little more than a bad dream. As the 5mg of naturally occurring delta 9 THC helps you fall asleep, the 25mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN help ensure a night of deep rest and a refreshed feeling in the morning. Simply chew and enjoy. Our commitment to using 100% clean ingredients means you can feel great about making our vegan, dreamberry-flavored gummies part of your nightly routine.

Since our new THC & CBN gummies may cause intoxication, an effect that could be delayed for hours, they're intended for consumers 21 and over. Do not use Deep Sleep Synergy+ Gummies or any other hemp-derived product if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or may become pregnant. If you have a medical condition or take medication, please consult your healthcare provider before adding any combination of cannabinoids to your health and wellness routine. Although hemp-derived cannabinoids are generally well-tolerated and considered safe for most people, they can interact with several commonly used medications.

To learn more about the health and wellness potential of supporting ECS function with hemp-derived cannabinoids, visit CBDistillery® to download our Ultimate CBD user Guide, the #1 resource guide for CBD users. Then, take a few minutes to browse our selection of hemp-derived CBDA, CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC-infused products. You can shop with confidence knowing CBDistillery® products are third-party tested, Leaping Bunny certified, and backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're interested in adding CBDistillery® hemp-derived CBD to your daily (or nightly) routine but you’re not quite sure where to start, consider setting up a personal consultation.


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