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How toxic ingredients can impact your health

Written By Emily Loss Jan 11th 2024
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With every new year that passes, we are exposed to more and more hormone-disrupting chemicals. These wreak havoc on our endocrine system, resulting in so many hard to uncover imbalances with devastating side effects and long-term health outcomes.  

It isn’t a coincidence that “balancing your hormones” is such a hot topic nowadays.  

Not so fun fact: The average adult uses nine personal care products each day, with 126 unique chemical ingredients combined. More than a quarter of all women and one out of every 100 men use at least 15 products daily.  

Luckily there are ways to deeply support your endocrine system through everyday choices that help reduce the amount of chemicals your body is absorbing and consuming. 

This crusade begins with you as the consumer, asking questions, doing your own research and relentlessly reading ingredient labels. The choice to choose non-toxic and safe products extends beyond yourself - this choice affects your family, your pets, and future generations to come. 

Making choices to swap out household products, beauty care and supplements is an investment in your lifespan and health span. You may not see the effects right away of overusing endocrine disruptors, but always remember: the body keeps score.  

Cut out these disruptors and live longer, and healthier. 

This mission is close to our heart. We have high standards for your health. We are proud to say that CBDistillery uses natural and 100% clean ingredients, grown using organic farming practices, that will never give you nasty side effects now or in the long run. We want to remind you that you can have safe and effective products!  

Here are 7 quick ways to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals in 2024: 

  1. Read labels and do research on standards before choosing a supplement brand;

  1. Consider ditching the perfume. Fragrance is a blanket ingredient that thousands of chemicals fall under;

  1. Invest in a high-quality sink and shower filter;

  1. Opt for organic whenever possible, but STILL always wash your produce!

  1. Dust and vacuum several times a week;

  1. Glass food storage over plastic storage containers;

  1. Look into non-toxic cleaning products for your home.