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Meet the Experts: Sleep Coach Kelly Murray

Written By Adrian Crawford Jan 23rd 2023
Table Of Contents
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Here at CBDistillery®, we know that taking charge of your health and wellness is a daunting task and it's sometimes overwhelming to know whose recommendations to rely upon.

Transparency is key to our approach in every aspect of our business, which is why we wanted to introduce a series of conversations with CBDistillery® staff as well as other experts in their fields. We hope that these conversations will offer more information about our company and products and help foster trust in our products.

For our latest edition, Content Strategist Adrian Crawford sat down with Certified Pediatric and Adult Sleep Consultant Kelly Murray to discuss her inspiration to pursue sleep coaching, how she came to be interested in functional health and the challenges she has seen patients experiencing since 2020.

Adrian Crawford: First things first. Can you give me an idea of what being a certified sleep coach entails?

Kelly Murray: As a Sleep Coach, my job is to help my clients optimize their sleep hygiene, stress resilience, and functional health, which will translate into optimized sleep.

AC: Next up, the origin story. What made you want to pursue a career in health care and, in particular, the sleep-related disciplines you ended up in?

KM: I have never been a great sleeper, so when my second child had issues sleeping, it took a toll on me. After teaching him to become an independent sleeper, he started sleeping like a champ, which was life-changing. That inspired me to become a certified Pediatric Sleep Coach. I wanted to help support other moms through the process, especially those with a hard time hearing their baby cry, like me. The ironic thing is that my sleep worsened after opening my own business, so I heeded my advice and hired an Adult Sleep Coach who focused on behavior change. It only helped a little. It wasn’t until I discovered the world of functional health and started working on addressing physical imbalances, stressors, and deficiencies that I finally got the sleep I so desperately craved. As with sleep training my son, my personal experience inspired me to become a Certified Adult Sleep Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition - Practioner.  

AC: I realize this seems like an obvious question, but what constitutes quality sleep and why is it so important?

KM: You know that you got good quality sleep when you can sleep without lengthy interruptions and wake up refreshed. Sleep is essential for physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. It isn’t just about the restoration of energy. When we are sleeping, our bodies perform psychological and physical housekeeping to maintain homeostasis.  

AC: In a physiological sense, what happens to the body while we’re asleep?

KM: When we are sleeping, our blood pressure and heart rate lowers, hormones are balanced and our brain is clearing toxins and storing memories, just to name a few.

AC: What challenges, in your experience, have the past few years presented for people in terms of getting quality rest and wind-down time?

KM: With more people working from home, we tend to work later into the evening, preventing our bodies and brains from sufficiently winding down to prepare for rest. Also, we are not maintaining a consistent schedule. Our circadian rhythm needs consistency to work correctly. In addition, we aren't commuting to work, so our bodies and eyes, in particular, are not getting the sunlight exposure needed to help our body keep time. 

AC: From your professional perspective, would you say people are becoming more open to trying alternative methods to get good rest rather than over-the-counter sleep remedies?

KM: Yes, I believe that awareness is increasing surrounding the fact that over-the-counter sleep remedies don’t offer the high-quality sleep you get from rest that is not chemically induced. Not to mention that they oftentimes stop working and become addictive.  

AC: Last one: What’s your absolute favorite sleep tip that anyone can achieve at home?

KM: Engage in deep breathing exercises before bed. It helps to lower your cortisol levels which promotes better sleep.