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The Good Oil: Edition 5

Written By Adrian Crawford Feb 23rd 2023
Table Of Contents
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Greetings everyone, and welcome back to The Good Oil!  

If this is the first time you’re receiving this newsletter, my name’s Adrian Crawford and I’m a content strategist here at CBDistillery® as well as a native Australian, the father of a 2-year-old girl and an enthusiast of all things hemp-derived. 

This time around we’ve got plenty of great reading for you (if I do say so myself), including a conversation with CBDistillery®’s resident wellness coach, four places to take a quick getaway from winter weather, and more. 

Let’s dive in! 


Expert’s Corner 

Last month I introduced you to Kelly Murray, a Chicago-based certified pediatric and adult sleep consultant, to discuss the importance of quality rest as the foundation of wellness. That’s the perfect segue into this month’s Q&A, where I’m joined by my CBDistillery® teammate and certified Integrative Health Coach Emily Loss. 

Adrian Crawford: First things first. Can you give me an idea of what being a certified Integrative Health Coach entails? 

Emily Loss: A certified wellness coach is there to advocate for you and be your mentor/partner in creating a healthier lifestyle. My program will give you a head start to your health and wellness transformation that will save you years of learning on your own. A resource to help you heal in a sustainable way that will help you reach and then, most importantly, maintain optimal health.   

AC: Next up, the origin story. What first sparked your interest in wellness coaching and what has the journey been like along the way? 

EL: What really catapulted me into wellness, listening to your body, and taking care of myself from a more holistic standpoint has been my journey with gut health. I struggled with some gut issues in college that were a combination of high stress/anxiety, poor nutrition choices, and being a typical college kid, staying out late, etc.   

Having a health scare like this in college really made things real for me. When you don’t feel like yourself you realize that your health is everything. I dived deeply into healing my body myself through reading all that I could on gut health and healing the natural way. Being on medications did not sit well with me.  

Our conversation continues on the blog.  


Four Weekend Getaways to Escape Winter 

For those of us who live in states where winter really is winter, February might be the toughest month of all. It might have been a while since you saw a sunny day, and all those grey skies and matching grey snowbanks can really dampen the spirits. But that’s nothing a little warm weather can’t remedy!  

With that in mind, I’ve compiled four fun spots for a mid-winter getaway to recharge the batteries. 

Phoenix, Arizona 

When I surveyed some trusted friends for this list, Phoenix was a response that came up on repeat. You’ll temperatures in the 70s and 80s so you can shake off those cold-climate chills and there’s plenty to see and do. Care to play a round? Phoenix and Scottsdale, just to the east, have golf courses in abundance, so bring your clubs. If preseason baseball is more your speed, MLB’s spring training is in town throughout February and March. You can also get out of town for some gorgeous hikes, and while I haven’t experienced it firsthand, I’m assured the Mexican cuisine is not to be missed. 

Fort Walton Beach, Florida 

The Sunshine State should be a no-brainer as far as winter getaways go. According to one study, the population of Florida increases by around 1 million during the cold months as the “snowbirds” fly south for a few months. Your mind may leap automatically to Miami or Tampa, but for a family-friendly and low-key short trip that won’t break the bank you may want to consider the Florida Panhandle. Fort Walton Beach offers all the sunshine and relaxation you need, and nearby Okaloosa Island features gorgeous white-sand beaches. Take the kids to the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park or make it an educational vacation with a trip to the Indian Temple Mound Museum. 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

There’s a little bias involved here because New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the world. The food, festivities and architecture really are like no other place (except maybe the old Orleans, but I can’t confirm that.) In my experience there’s something for everybody in the Big Easy – sports for those so inclined, a list of incredible restaurants and cocktail joints a mile long, perhaps one of the great sandwiches of all time (Central Grocery’s muffuletta), and of course jazz music as far as the eye can see. The weather can be oppressive in the summertime, but it’s much more temperate outside of those months. Laissez les bons temps rouler! 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Perhaps less family-friendly than the other options presented here, but a great way to get away from real life all the same, is Las Vegas. I’ve been a few times over the years and it never ceases to make me stop and gawk at the sheer ridiculousness of it. It’s America writ large – big, flashy, excessive and with endless options for, well, everything. You might not be one for casinos, but there’s still plenty to entertain you, from concerts and shows to the incredible Neon Museum, which is a graveyard of sorts for all the retired neon signs from iterations of Vegas past. The Meow Wolf art installation, an offshoot of the original in Santa Fe, NM, is also a great way to spend a few hours. 


Worthy Consumables

If I’ve inspired you to break out of the February slump and take a little trip, you’re going to need something to stow your gear. 

I ran into this problem last September when I was all set to take an annual work trip unrelated to my job here at CBDistillery. I have a carry-on leather duffel bag that I absolutely cherish, but eight years of travel has left it looking a little worse for wear and in serious need of repairs.  

Not wanting to check a bag (or, more accurately, pay for a checked bag), I began to seek out other options different to the same old black wheeled cabin bag with the collapsible handle, and I wanted something lightweight yet sturdy and with enough room for all my gear. 

I settled on the Novel Duffle Bag from Herschel Supply Co., which arrived quickly and didn’t break the bank by any means. It fit all my basic requirements and, as a sneaker guy who travels with more shoes than some people own, the externally accessible footwear compartment came in handy for the return trip when I had dusty work shoes to stow away from the rest of my clothes. 

So if you’re looking to pack your bags and get away from it all for a while, but need the bag before you start packing, the Herschel Novel duffel gets my seal of approval! 


The Last Drops 

Is that the time already? It appears we’ve reached the end of February’s edition. Thanks again for reading, and I look forward to bringing you more Good Oil in March. Until then, stay warm! 

-- Adrian