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Your Roadmap to the Clear Skin You've Always Wanted

Written By Emily Loss Apr 11th 2023
Table Of Contents
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Greetings friends! This month I want to dive into a very popular topic amongst my clients, and one of the top subjects that I get asked for advice on: How do I get clearer skin?   

Many people have come to realize that having clear skin is not just a matter of what you put on top of your skin, but also what you are putting into your body.  

Your skin is a map to what is going on within!  

I am a huge believer that we will be able to tell that something is off with your gut health, hormones or blood sugar by taking a look at your skin health.  

Let’s face it: Everyone wants clear glowing skin, and when you don’t have it, that can be a major downer on your self-confidence levels. I’ve been there.   

It can seem like an impossible puzzle to solve. But trust me -- when working with the right practitioner and incorporating internal healing measures on top of using that lovely high-quality skincare, magic will follow. 

Here are my top tips for having clear skin and managing acne: 

Blood Sugar Regulation 

  • Eat protein at every meal 
  • No lonely carbs! Always pour with at least a healthy fat, even better, with protein.  

Gut Health = Skincare 

  • Incorporate bone broth into your diet 
  • Drink hot lemon water before each meal 
  • Add in fermented foods like plain Greek yogurt and sauerkraut  

Eat Anti-Inflammatory Fats

  • Avocado, wild-caught salmon and olive oil  

Keep it Movin’ 

  • Walk after meals
  • Utilize facial massage with gua sha or clean fingers 

Double Cleanse + Ice 

  • Give your face a good 2-minute wash every night. 1-minute, rinse, then do it again! 
  • Use an ice roller on clean skin to calm inflammation  

Some other quick tips that make a huge difference: 

  • Add minerals to your water 
  • Try a high-quality magnesium supplement  
  • No coffee on an empty stomach in the morning 
  • Eliminate skincare that contains pore-clogging ingredients 
  • Manage stress with deep breathing techniques and meditation 

Remember - your skin is the largest organ in your body, and when you are dealing with skin issues, your body is trying to communicate with you! Slow down, listen, and be patient. The tips listed above will be sure to help you when used with consistency.