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Your CBD Budget: Selecting Products to Slash the Cost of Daily Use

Written By Ellese Symons Jul 13th 2022
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Some CBD users reserve their supply of hemp oil for use as needed for its potential to alleviate a significant number of troubling symptoms. Many others take hemp CBD supplements daily to keep the health and wellness potential working for them consistently.

For those who use CBD daily, and those who might like to, it’s important to know your purchasing options. Many people don’t realize how much money they could be saving by purchasing the CBD tinctures that provide the highest concentration of CBD per bottle.

Overlooking the Savings Potential of Higher Strength Tinctures

The CBD content in your hemp oil tincture will determine how much you pay per mg of CBD. Although the cost of using a higher milligram product is considerably less per mg, there are a significant number of people who don’t consider purchasing higher strength products, the 2500 or 5000 mg tinctures. Many who pass on the more potent products mistakenly believe that the stronger CBD tinctures are intended for CBD users who commonly take a larger dose of CBD or take multiple doses per day.

This common misconception could result in spending more than necessary per dose. Because of the lower cost per mg of CBD, and the fact that you will be using less tincture per dose, higher strength products will significantly reduce your cost per use. Reducing your cost per use makes CBD tinctures considerably more affordable.

Breaking Down the Cost Per Milligram for the Product You Currently Use

You can determine your current cost per milligram by dividing the price you paid by the total CBD content in the bottle. You can then break down the cost per use by multiplying the number of milligrams in the dose by the cost per milligram. The equations would look something like this:

  • Product price ÷total mg = cost per mg
  • Cost per mg x mg per dose =cost per dose
  • Cost per dose x dose per day = cost per day

Comparing the Cost of Daily Use Between Higher CBD Concentrations

For those using CBD daily, higher strength products are an often-overlooked strategy for saving a significant amount of money. Saving money on CBD products makes the many potential health and wellness benefits of hemp CBD that much more attractive.

For the purpose of comparison, let’s consider three different strengths of CBD and break down the cost of daily use. To keep it simple, in this example we will base the cost per day on a dose of 30 mg once each day. Consider the average daily cost of use for the following tinctures:

  • 1000 mg CBD Tincture (30 ml bottle contains 33 doses) = $2.00 per day
  • 2500 mg CBD Tincture (30 ml bottle contains 83 doses) = $1.73 per day
  • 5000 mg CBD Tincture (30 ml bottle contains 166 doses) =$1.60 per day

As you can see, there is a significant difference in the cost per day when you compare the cost of the 1000 mg tincture to the cost of the 5000 mg tincture. Anyone currently using a 1000 mg tincture for a daily 30 mg dose will save an average of $12 each month, adding up to a savings of $146 each year.

If you currently order online, you could add to that projected savings by factoring the money you could save on shipping costs by placing fewer orders. You may also be able to slash even more off your total cost by taking advantage of free shipping offers for orders that exceed a certain dollar value.

Spending Less Money While Using Less Tincture

The reason you need to replace your product less often with a higher milligram tincture is that you will need to use considerably less product per dose. There is a dramatic difference. Let’s compare the same three products to illustrate this point.

In this example, it’s important to know that each of the tinctures comes in a 30 ml bottle with a dropper that holds 1 ml of product. Let’s break that down a little further so you get a better idea of the difference in the amount of CBD you will need to use each day if you were to invest in a 5000 mg CBD tincture.

To determine the amount of CBD per dropper (1 ml), divide the total CBD content by 30. Here’s a breakdown of how much CBD you would be using for a 30 mg dose of CBD based on the CBD concentration of the product.

  • 1000 mg CBD Tincture = 33 mg per ml 33mg ÷ 30 mg per dose = dropper or 20 drops
  • 2500 mg CBD Tincture = 83 mg per ml 83mg ÷ 30 mg per dose = .36 dropper or 8 drops
  • 5000 mg CBD Tincture = 167 mg per ml 167mg ÷ 30 mg per dose = .18 dropperor 4 drops

Not only will using a 5000 mg tincture significantly reduce your cost per use, you may also find that using less tincture makes taking CBD easier if you are one of the many users who like to measure their dose by counting the drops.

Saving Money on Daily CBD Use with CBDistillery

The founders of CBDistillery built their business on the belief that everyone who wants to experience the remarkable health and wellness potential of hemp CBD should have access to the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Customers commonly find that CBDistillery products are priced significantly lower than the competition, without ever sacrificing product quality. Savvy shoppers appreciate the savings.

If you use CBD daily, or would like to start, you can significantly reduce the cost of daily use by selecting tinctures with the highest CBD concentration. Our 5000 mg CBD tinctures offer the best price per mg of CBD and are available full-spectrum or 0% THC.

For the best value for your CBD dollar, visit CBDistillery for a quality selection of hemp oil tinctures, softgels, topical, and CBD vape products. CBDistillery hemp oil products are created from non-GMO hemp grown using natural farming methods. You can verify the quality, purity, and potency of every CBDistillery product by clicking on the batch testing information within our product images or scanning the QR code on every product label.